Friday, 22 October 2010

Death of the Doctor - Trailers

Here are the trailers for episode five (I would usually call it episode three - I consider two parts to be one episode)of the sarah jane adventures:

I am pretty excited for this episode. One, Russell T Davies is writing, and it will be nice to see him writing for this epidsode!

Also, Matt Smith is in it! YAY!

But, the Shansheeth look so fake, in the way they move and in the way they look, anyone agree?

I just hope its my eyesight and not what they acctually look like

My Review - The Vault of Secrets Part 1 and 2

YAY! this is the sarah jane adventures I was missing. Not to say that I didn't like the nightmare man. (on the contary, TNMP1 was my fav episode ever!) but That episode didn't feel like the sarah jane adventures. I loved the romp-y-ness about the episodes. And with the vault of secrets part 1, we finally get the tone just right. First, we have humour. I felt that last weeks episodes didn't have a) enough humour and b) good humour. It was all too dark and scary.

Also, we has Gita! Gita has always been my favourite character. Plainly because she reminds me of my mum, and she's funny. I love how she potters about being friendly and panics alot. (and she owns a flower shop with the BEST name in all of creation!)

First the things I liked:

The Men in Black- I found them to be extremley intriguing in 'Dreamland' and I thought having them in live action looked ten times better than normal.

BURPS- I dont know how it's acctually spelt, but I loved the idea and I really hope this orginization will be back for the finale...

Clyde and Rani- I loved how thier relationship develops in this episode, a definate sign of a possible romance. I think having luke not there helped, as they probably felt embarresd to show thier feelings with himn around

Gita- Well, I've already talked about her above!

No Luke- Right, People are going to disagree with me, but I am so glad Lukes gone!
I have always disliked him. His character is always boring and his lines to 'robotic' I know it's meant to be like that but It has always annoyed me. I much prefer the Rani and Clyde, who seem to get more emotion in thier lines. Not criticising Tommy Knight, just the scriptwriters dialouge. With him out of the picture, we can shift a focus to the B storyline of Rani and Clydes relationship

Things I didn't like

Androvax- GAAHHHH! Why does The Sarah Jane Adventures bring back every alien they invent. I think also that Kudlak will be back at somepoint this series. First the Slitheen last week and now the androvax. I sincerely hope the won't bring back the trickster, but I'm betting that they will, what with an episode title called 'Goodbye Sarah-Jane' Anything with the word 'Sarah Jane' or 'The ******** of sarah jane' means a trickster episode! Although I did feel some symathy for Andorvax which I liked. The fact that the writers gave him some development as a character means they didn't just bring him back because he was popular (like witht he slitheen, graske, and the trickster) but because they had a story to tell!

The Vault- I'm sorry, but the effects used when the vault was opened was terrible. The spaceships looked fake and especially when Androvax escaped.

Gita Forgetting- This was perhaps the most annoying thing about these episodes. Gita Chandra forgetting the aliens. Whoever made that happen is officially annoying. I would have loved to see Gita in another epidoe going on an adventure with her daughter and Clyde. I loved seeing them pottering about the asylumn.

Music- This is minor, but there is a peice of music that makes me cringe that is played afer every gag and 'funny scene' in the episode. It happens when clyde says 'hasta la vista' after making the men in black shoot eachother, and also in the nightmare man when the slitheen blows up. It's so cheesy and makes me cringe with embarrasment, thinking 'how can the actors not crigne after watching that clip. They look embarrasing with the dialouge put to that music' it's cliche. Can anyone also remember the music. Tell me if you found it annoying or not.

Overall a great episode, 8/10

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

My Review - The Nightmare Man Part 2

Hmmmm. This was an intriguing conclusion. To Be Honest not the least bit as sinister and as exciting as part one. But it was still satisfying when you realise that nothing could live up to a great SJA story like The Nightmare Man Part 1.

It had all the right ingredients for a perfect ending but there was something missing.

Anyway, we start with The Nightmare Man invading Clyde and Ranis dreams. And Sarah-Jane finds Lukes video tape.
The dream sequences were by far the best bit about this episode. Rani's paticularly. I loved how the dreams sort of reflect how you'd imagine thier futures to be. Clyde (what with all his mucking about) would fit in in a deada end job in a fast food restaraunt and you can also imagine Rani being successful as a journalist. And old Sarah-Jane needs her own TV Show! I'd watch it all day! Elizabeth Sladen gave so much into her 'old person' she was so funny.

The bit outside of the dreams I found a bit dull. AND Lukes dream was slightly boring too.
When the dues ex machina ending began I was cringing at how cheesy it was. How does thinking about a door create a passageto Luke,and the way that they all managed to have the same dream in the end was wierd.

I liked the end, with K9 and Luke driving off, but I would prefer it if thte car wasn't yellow!

Overall, a good episode, no where near as good as part 1 but, that goes without saying.


Forgot to Mention!

Hey guys! on Saturday I forgot to mention I was going on holiday to see my parents (who live in France) so thats why I couldn't update! Anyways, there should be a surge of updates coming up soon (the nightmare man p2 review, e.c.t)

sorry again!

Thursday, 14 October 2010


Hey guys! My family crisis is solved! Basiclally, my daughter ran away after a spite between her and I. It turned out she was hiding in our Neighbors garden, so, posting back to normal!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Hi guys. I am sorry to say that I have had a huge family crisis and am left unable to update this site. I really don't want to go into it, but lets just say that I am really upset and I really don't feel like updating. As the circumstances are slightly confusing. I am unaware if they will be sorted out, either by tomorrow, or even ever!

So, plz don't give me sympathy, I just need my privacy untill furthur noted. So until furtur notice - goodbye

Monday, 11 October 2010

The Nightmare Man 2 - Trailer

Here is the trailer for the second part of the Nightmare Man (I will call it The Nightmare Man 2):

Looks FAB! (And hopefully not as scary!) the dream seuences look great!

The Nightmare Man - My Review

WOW! I don't know where to begin. (how about the begining)

We start with the usual, "This is where Sarah Jane lives" Blah blah, giving clips and snippets from forthcoming episodes, I think this was introduced in series 3. But I REALLY hate it, it's boring and they're advertising for a show, that people are watching already. But onto the actual episode...

The start was TERRIFYING! I know that it's a kids programme, but my fear of clowns took over me thoughts at this point. The Nightmare man is like a killer clown, but ten times more chilling! That laugh made me shiver.Huge acting praise to Julian Bleach though, who played the role perfectly.

We then get off to a sort of 'heres how it began' type story. The Slitheen section was poor, it had bad humour and it was WAAYY too cliche. I hate the Slitheen and I feel as if the writer sneaked that in there just to keep the coninuity of having Slitheen in every series alive. And, is it just me, or do the slitheen get greener each time I see thenm (unless they aren't slitheen and they are just praxeen, or blottleeen or something along the lines of). They could have got a more subtle, emotional way of Luke telling Sarah-Jane about Oxford.

Then we get the Clyde issue, with Clyde not talking to Luke. This was a great thing about the episode. I could relate to how Clyde felt, as this happened to me when I was his age, I felt angry and upset. And both those emotions came through!

The Nightmares.... I can't sum up the way I felt about those sequences. I thought they were amazing, but I also felt more scared than I have ever been when watching a flim. (over-reacting?) but I haven't seen many clown filns (god forbid) and not many Doctor Who episodes scare me, (perhaps, Blink, Empty Child and Flesh and Stone) Day of the clown scared me, but that was mainly set in the day time! In the first dream, luke hears Sarah-Jane talking about her conversation with him in his new car (which was another great scene) When the frail, white, hand of Julian Bleach reached out for Luke, I was honestly blocking my eyes from the screen

Anyway, Inbetween that there are sweet little day to day snippets of Lukes life before getting ready for university. I liked the whole party thing.Not loved it, as I was wondering whether Clyde had it in from the start, if so, I didn't love it, but if Rani told him to do it, I loved it. As a scene it was good in terms of showing how far the show has come, the love reference paticulary, and I can really see a relationship developing between Clyde and Rani, so I appreciated that line. Lukes nightmare was equally as good. We finally see the Nightmare mans face, which is kind of creepy. And put that with a chilling voice and we've got a villian that would have been easily put in Doctor Who.

I know I have left a nightmare or two out, but I don't really want to talk about them two much, but I did love the nightmare where the nightmare mans intentions were revealed. I loved Sarah-Jane and the gang buring Lukes stuff, cheesy and predictable, but fun.

I am SO happy they got in a Maria reference, even if I prefer Rani. I was wondering if she was going to be informed.

The cliffhanger, a bit iffy for me, They ended it at an abvious point and It would have been better with the Nightmare man walking around turning the world into a nightmare and THEN cue the cliffhanger.

Ovevrall, a great starter to what will hopefully be a great series. By A mile the best first episode out of all the four series, plus Invasion of the Bane (the thing that put me off was the chavy girl - whoever came up with that awfully annoying character should be sacked!)

One point though, the threat seems alot like one of my fan fic stories, ep 3. When that is realeased, (in a lllloooonnnnngggg time!) I want to let you guys know that I thought of the idea and it's got nothing to do with the Nightmare Man!


The Nightmare Man Airs Today

Well, it has aired already, but I'm about to watch it. (the tension is killing me!) I hope it lives up to my expectations and that it doesn't scare me to death (Julian Bleack always scares me!) but my review will be up soon, as will my daughters!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Sarah Jane Adventures = More Updates from me!

Starting from now, I will also be updating on sarah jane adventures news! YAY!

This includes things such as:



My own quiz that I will give to you after each ep!

Now I will be back to my usual constant posting, what with a tv show airing! SO expect posting to be greater, (like it was while doctor who was airing- 3-5 posts a day!)

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Design a Doctor!

Hi! To all those budding artists out there! or just plain Doctor Who fans.
I am launching a new competition, called Design a Doctor!

Basically, your job is to design a doctor, (obvious much) But that means everything. Costume, personality. Even what actor would play the character.
You can draw up an image, or, just write a description. (But I would LOVE it if you could do a picture to go with description)
Although this competition is pretty open, there are a few rules.

1- Please NO female doctors. I am sorry, but In my opinion, a female doctor is like a female james bond. It wouldn't work.

2- If you are doing an image, either create it on paint and save it as an image, which you can then post a link to me in the comments section. Or, if you would prefer, create it on Photoshop (if available), GIMP or word. And then copy the image onto paint to save as an image. Basically, it has to come out as a JPEG file!

3- The doctor has to be in human form.

4- Although you can choose any clothing combination, no 'revealing' outfits please

5- You can pick which incarnation it will be, (13, 14th) but it has to be past the twelth incarnation.

now onto the PRIZE!!!!!!

If I get enough entries (I pray to god I get more than two!!!!) then I will judge, two or less and I will have to close down the contest, and the winner will have thier doctor featured in the series FINALE of my series. The part will be a key role, (and I hope you all want to read it - even though I STILL havent released ep 2- If I don't get entries, then I can't write the finale)

PLease Enter, Just please spend half an hour of your time or so, doing this. I'm not talking much.

Thank you, I will decide when to close the competition, after I have enough entries!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Dolls in Doctor Who!

ARRRGGGHHH! Honestly, If there are two things I am scared of, it's Clowns and Dolls (really anything with a creepy smile and 'starey' eyes) I was terrified of Oddbob in 'The Day of the Clown' and the same goes for the joker in 'Dark Night' I also know that in series 4 of 'The Sarah Jane Adventures' that the nightmare man will be terrifying. Now they have to put friggin dolls? I'm gonna Die!

But don't get me wrong, I love the though, and I love episodes that genuinely scare me. So(If these pictures aren't fake) I am excited

Take a look at them!:

Creepy huh? (or is it just me!)

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Guess Who 4 and 5!

At long last! Here they are! REMEMBER, When you answer ANSWER AS COMMENTS, NOT IN THE CBOX!

Guess Who 4:

Sorry the right eye is done badly. The picture was a tad big and my laptop wont let me crop it :(

Guess Who 5:

Get guessing. Answers up in a couple of days


IM BACK! And I don't want to say why I was gone, but I am back. And fine and dandy so don't worry about me!

AM SO SORRY for all I have missed. Will catch up on it over time (I haven't really been checking on Doc Who news much) But yeah!

I know how annoying it must have been for you guys! I mean, I used to follow a blog and they shut down without telling anyone, and I ended up checking for updates every day for a year untill they acctually posted the site was getting no more updates :(

So, I hope none of you have been checking every day!

I will be posting various updates to catch up so.. Some news you all probably know. But... Here we go!

Ahh! It's good to be back!

Friday, 3 September 2010


I am SO sorry for the lack of posts since Monday, For me, Tuesday was the start of term for a teacher, (yes, that is what I do, - Head of English and Drama-) And over the first days of term we have had more after school staff meetings than I can count! Sometimes I have got home at half past nine, so It was just enough time to make myself some tea, and then bed, for I have to get up at quarter to six each morn!

So sorry. As everyone settles down in the new term I hope staff meetings decrease as I find them rather tedious and I still have stuff to mark and a family to take care of!

So, I hope you guys aren't angry with me for my recent drop in posts. (I used to do four or five a day) maybe it's because The series is over now, There's not much to write about now anyway. BUT I do have my rather delayed Guess Who 3 and 4 to post!

Thanks guys!

Monday, 30 August 2010

Series 6 to be 7 Episodes long.

The next series of Doctor Who has been confirmed to be split into two . One in Autumn/Winter that is 7 episodes long. And then an Xmas Special, then another series starting around Easter.

If you ask me, this is the most stupid idea I have ever heard and I hate it! I mean, REALLY hate it. 7 episodes per series will be stupid as the time will fly by. In my opinion, 13 episodes fly by anyway so this is a downer. Second. This change still hasn't resolved the low ratings issue. Yes, we will have Doctor Who when it's dark. But we will also have it in light around summer. Second. Doctor Who will be around more with only three months in-between each episode. This means people will be less excited when a premier comes around and will take to recording the episode instead.

Now, from what I've read, the only reason the BBC are doing this is so children will be happy because there will be less time to wait after a series has finished. No doubt that this decision was made after about 10 complaints to the BBC concerning this issue.

Another thing, Doctor Who has always been competing with the rubbish that is Britain's Got Talent. And now they are also going to have to compete with the X Factor (which, I have to say, I am actually enjoying)

DVDs and other media will get alot more confusing.

The only way I could feel better is by having series 6 split into two.. So that each part it still series 6. Having two series in a year would just feel rushed.

Anyway, thats my long rant about this issue. Tell me your thoughts in the Cbox, do you agree with me or don't you?

Friday, 27 August 2010

Banner Competition Results!

Right, I think it's obvious who won the competition, from what you can see above this post, so I would like to congratulate Blink, who won. But honestly. This was no easy competition.

The other four entries (not as much as I was hoping for, but still a healthy amount) were just as good and I would like to give my congrats, as I would never be able to create such amazing banners!

I would like to note that because I was so impressed with another banner I have awarded it second place. This goes to burkeys banner:

Blink won over you because your banner was a tad small for the space. Perhaps if you could make a bigger version, then I could use your banner sometime in the future

Here are the other amazing entries:

Blue Dalek

Blue Dalek

Thanks SOOOOO much to all who entered. And If I missed any entries, then I guess you'll have to tell me and I'll have to judge all over again

and joetoonz, I wasn't sure if your 'entry' was an actual entry or not! so tell me!

TARDIS out now!

The third doctor who adventure game is available for download now. I have just finished playing it. I'm not gonna do a full review, but, here is what I thought:

a little disappointing. It felt really short. I mean REALLY short. And, I was brimming with excitement on the thought of exploring the TARDIS, but, alas. Two lousy rooms? The console room was a joy to explore though, and yet it got frustrating as it's quite hard to adjust the camera when walking round the console. The drawing room wasn't good. It could have been a great design. They could have made it look TARDIS-Y, but they didn't. The only good thing about this room was the collection of doctor who items around the room(i.e. liz tens mask)

But the main thing that annoyed me was the fact that the entity was such a lousy villain. The whole threat it was causing was resolved in 2 minutes flat. Stupid.

That said. Cut scenes were top notch and the writing was too! Graphics fantastic and the final adventure games looks set to be bloody fantastic. (if the cliffhanger was to do with the final game)

The worst adventure game yet, but, still good and I think you should download it purely on the aspect of exploring the TARDIS console room!


Thursday, 26 August 2010

Email trouble (again!)

Right, I have been told by various people that they can't email thier banner comp entries to me. If this is so, post them in the cbox or comments section of this post. I have no idea why these emails wont send, but, if I work it out I will tell you!

And I would like a couple of more entries! So if you could spare 15 mins or so, I would be very happy!

What Should I do?

As I am sure you know, The Third Adventure game is released on Friday, it is called TARDIS and is about an alien called the entity and you go round exploring the TARDIS and defeating the alien. My query is this:

Episode 11 of my new series (yes, although you haven't seen a script forever, it is still going on) was called Timeshift and sounds rather like TARDIS. Now, I want you to tell me whether I should carry on with that episode or change it completley! Tell me your thoughts in the cbox!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Poll Results

This poll has been up forever! I'm sorry about that! But here are the resul

1st place was who is river song with 7 votes (44%)

2nd place was he will knock four times with 4 votes (25%)

3rd place was Bad Wolf with 3 votes (19%)

This weeks poll will be 'Best 'Historical Figure' episode' GET VOTING!


Hey guys! Sorry I'm a couple of days late. My laptop was completely broken after I got back! Don't worry, I managed to fix it WITHOUT PAYING ANYTHING! By scavenging the internet on my daughters slow DSi, and fixing it myself! I won't bother updating on things that happened over my hols, as you will most probably know it already. Banner Competition still running, Five days left!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Having Fun!

Hi guys! Turns out the hotel i'm in has internet access! YAY!

Anyway, having a great time here in Pompeii, I have been round the excavations (which was cool) and I saw this cabinet with the leftovers of the residents of Pompeii in he positions they were in moments before their death!

AND, I went up Vesuvius! (SO COOL!!!!!!!)

am now going to go to Rome for a couple of days! THEN fly to Crete! I am having a whale of a time! And I will be back in a week and a bits time!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Not Again!

O.K, I'm just gonna go right out and say it.

This blog won't be getting any more updates till Saturday morning in two week :(

I know that I've just got back from my play, and I haven't really updated on any who news since then. This is because I have been so tired and I've been trying to catch up on my sleep. And I think we all know the feeling when you want to post something, but you just don't. So a big sorry about that

Anyhoo, I'm off to Pompeii! To look round the city and hopefully climb up Vesuvius (lets hope I won't run into any pyrovile!) and then I'm flying to Crete for a weeek, just to relax by the beach! YAY!

But I WILL be back two wees on Saturday, and I WILL update more than I have been doing the past week.

Sorry again for the lack of updates I the past week. And sorry for adding in a little doctor who joke into my writing!

See ya!

Friday, 6 August 2010

200th Post !

This post marks the 200th post of this blog! YAY!

It hasn't seemed very long since I started this blog. I started it the day before The Vapires of Venice aired.

I would like to thank all the people who followed me:

Howl, 76 Totters Lane, Cameron, Angel Bob, D0ct0r11, TheRedDalek,Kira, Jockie, OliLord, Joetoonz, Mr Dalek, Pater, DanHarma, Vortex, Blink and Rory Vogel!

Lets hope I will soon reach 300!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Email Trouble

Hi guys. This is concerning the banner competition below.

I have been having trouble signing in to my yahoo email account. I know I have everything right as I have the password and ID written down &, I've used this email LOADS of times before. If anyone nows anything about the problem I have let me know.

For now, all who have entered the competition, could you please resend to my NEW email address:


Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Banner Competition

O.K, so I know that I recently had my banner changed thanks to The Red Dalek, but I feel as if I need a new one. Anyway, I probs won't get many entries. Hopefully at least more than 2!

And I know that some of you are busy (Blink - Patient Pluto) but I would really love it if you could just have a go. It doesn't matter if your not good!

Anyway, enough of the sob story type stuff!
THE RULES: (yes there are rules)

.The banner must contain the words 'Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey' in them.

.You can't have any sort of 'adult content' in the banner.

.It can be any size. But preferably no bigger than my current banner!

.Once done, email to and put 'banner competition' in the title!

.You have 15 days until I announce the winner.


(Any bets on how many entries I will receive?)

Monday, 26 July 2010

Sorry for Absence

Sorry for no posts after the last 2 days! I have been BUSY BUSY BUSY, and I am still BUSY BUSY BUSY for the rest of the week (up till Sunday) I should be still updating. Just probably not the normal amount each day!
In other news, I saw Sherlock. Review of that to come soon (even though theres not much to do with Doctor Who in it. But still...)

Sorry again. My Guess Who three and four will be up shortly. (I've tried to make them just as hard as the last one! MWAH HA HA HA HAH!!!!)

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Guess Who 2 Answers

Here are the answers to the apparently extremley hard version of Guess Who! And you can now see who's hair it was! I want your reactions as I thought the hair looked quite easy!

Hair - The Third Doctor

Forehead - The Ninth Doctor

Left Eye - Adam Mitchell

Nose - Harriet Jones

Right Eye - Jackie Tyler

Mouth - Sylvia Noble

Chin - The Eleventh Doctor

Well done on Blink for getting the most answers right!
Guess Who 3 and 4 should be up in an hour at the latest. I'll try and make it about as hard as this one (because It's quite funny to see you all get things wrong!)

Friday, 23 July 2010

Weekly Poll - Results

Here are the results for this weeks poll

1st was Rory Willians (YAY!) with 4 votes 26.7%

2nd was Donna Noble with 3 Votes 20%

Joint 3rd was Wilfred Mott and Amy Pond each with 2 Votes 13.3% each

A bit of a surprise that Rory won. (Though, I voted for him!)

This weeks poll is best Story arc (e.g. Bad Wolf, Mr Saxon e.c.t e.c.t)

Get Voting!

Sorry for no Firewater

Arrggghhh! I an so sorry to those who have been waiting to read ep 2 of my series 'Firewater' I have no excuse really, I just haven't thought about it in a week or so.

Anyway, I am still in the midst of rewriting it! I hope to get it to you all by oe weeks time! Then I will promise to be on track for episode 3!

Tom Baker in Xmas Special?

Here is a picture that got me wondering. What is that, the thing I have circled in red?

Seems to look a lot like Tom Bakers scarf when he was the Fourth doctor? I wonder?...

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Guess Who Answers!

Here are the answers to my guess who quiz!

First off, I want to congratulate Luke for getting the most questions right. It was the nose that got everyone (tbh, I thought that was the hardest of the lot!)

O.K! Here are the answers (along with the picture they came from)

Hair- Amy Pond

Forehead - Adelaide Brooke
(I couldn't find the picture of her again :( )

Left Eye - Rose Tyler

Right Eye - Donna Noble

Nose - Sarah Jane Smith

Mouth - Susan Foreman

Chin - Martha Jones

Thats all! Now you have another 3 Days to have a go at guess who 2!

River to the Rescue

Heres a little picture I made that I want to share with you all:


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Guess Who 2!

I'm gonna start to release the guess who's in batches of 2. Now you have to work harder!

here it is:


Danny Horn has Xmas Dinner with the doctor (and other stuff)

late news, but Danny Horn has joined the cast of doctor who for the xmas special! I have never heard of Danny Horn before, but still...

He says about doing six hours of xmas dinner with the doc. I'm not sure if he's being metaphorical when he says this and he just means filming the special. Or if one of the scenes is actually him eating with the doctor

Oh well. In other news, Karen says that matt is definitely not leaving doctor who, the xmas script going missing was all utter rubbish, and matt says that episode 1 of series 6 is amazing!
So, all is good in the world of who!

Guess Who?

I haven't been very reliant on keeping up competitions and things, but I promise that this one will stick as a weekly competition! Basically, guess which part of this 'mystery girl' belongs to which companion/character from doctor who:

But anyway. If you want to answer, please DON'T answer in the cbox. Just, put a comment below, so if no one wants to see the answer you've given they don't have to. Whoever gets all the answers right, will be mentioned on the blog!


P.S. I tried to make it as hard as I could!

Patient Pluto Released

Blink has released the first part of 'the blink games' visit this site to play it:

have fun playing!

Karen Gillan eats Ice Cream ! (Oh My God!!!)

This is a pretty much hilarious article that the mirror came up with!

Since leaping to fame earlier this year as the new Doctor Who's sexy assistant, Karen Gillan is fast becoming a household name.
And the Scottish actress looked like she was enjoying one of the perks of fame yesterday when she was invited to the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup Final in West Sussex.
Wearing an unusual, blue shirt-style dress and black clogs, the statuesque redhead, 22, enjoyed the sunshine with other stars at Cowdray Park.

Perhaps not interested in the polo so much, Gillan spent time chatting to friends over the Veuve Clicquot champagne on offer in the tent.

Other celebrities in attendance yesterday including actress Naomie Harris, singer Little Boots, comedienne Ruby Wax, ex-GMTV presenter Penny Smith and tennis star Greg Rusedski.
Pirates Of The Caribbean star Harris, 33, looked glamorous in a multi-coloured designer dress and black heels.
Meanwhile, Gillan has laughed off speculation new time lord Matt Smith is preparing to quit the show already.
She told the Telegraph: 'Matt will be sticking around. I think those rumours were made up.'

Despite her first series on Doctor Who having only finished being broadcast three weeks ago, Gillan and Smith are already hard at work on the Christmas special.
They will be joined by acting veteran Michael Gambon and classical singer Katherine Jenkins.

Hilarious, no? I mean, She's human, what's wrong with her eating an ice cream? we all do it! Next time, the mirror should post something to do with filming. Not this lame excuse for news!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Moffs Tweet of the Day

Here is Steven Moffat's Tweet of the day:

I don't get much hate mail, but when I do it's always from a lady David Tennant fan. Why? He's a mate of mine and everything!

Not particularly about anything upcoming but still great! I think we have a confirmation the moff won't re hire david, no matter what the sun say!

In other news, I just went to London to see Oliver the musical! It was utterly amazing. Except, The guy who was Oliver I didn't think fitted the role very well.

Series 5 Complete Boxset Cover and Details

Here are Two covers (one normal and one limited edition)

This one:

and this one:

Here is some information regarding the release:

Doctor Who Complete Series 5, will be available in stunning lenticular packaging , as well as a numbered limited edition Boxset on November 8th 2010 at £69.99 making it the perfect gift for Christmas. The DVD also features some fantastic extras including exclusively filmed scenes giving you an insight to what has happened in the TARDIS between episodes, as well as a Matt Smith video diary, and Doctor Who Confidentials for each episode and the Monster Diaries from each volume.

Will you be getting this? I know I used to get the Vanilla sets, but after buying the series 4 complete boxset, I realised how much worth the wait it is for the set. So, I'll be getting it. Hopefully the Limited Edition as the cover looks FAB!

Monday, 19 July 2010

The Moffs Tweet of the Day

here is the moffs tweet today (Doctor Who related - of course)

I wrote a funny thing and a scary thing - though maybe it's the other way round. I am rewarding myself with coffee.

is it just me, or is it AWESOME that the moff gives away tiny things about the scripts. Something funny and something scary.

Oh, and this WILL be a daily post, (If his tweets are Doctor Who related!)

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Steven Moffat on Twitter

I personally don't have twitter but I still visit the moffs one. It's very new, and he seems to be updating it atleast once a day! From what I can digest from it, he is mainly talking about Sherlock. But theres a bit of doctor who! Heres what he's put:

Best thing about this job, I get to watch Doctor Who FIRST. Ooh, look at that. And that. And blimey, THAT!!

Today, I am LAUGHING as I write - always bad news for fictional characters.

Ooh, I didn't expect to write THAT. I love it when I manage not to spoiler myself.

Working on a Saturday, and its nice out. Doctor Who was never like this when I was a kid.

Not much, But its grreat to know how excited the moff is about series 6! And, most people I know think that series 6 will be the best!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Weekly Poll - Results

This weeks poll results are in!

1st place was Matt Smith (YAY!) with 5 votes 45.5%

2nd place was David Tennant with 4 votes 36.4%#

joint 3rd place was William Hartnell and Peter Davison both with 1 vote each 9.1%

this weeks poll is best new who companion (includes Sarah Jane)
Get Voting!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Matt Smith to Quit Doctor Who ?

right, so I wouldn't usually post something like this, but because I don't want to make this site lazy and boring with no updates (and I remember when I was visiting a site frequently, and the guy running it forgot about it. It was annoying!, si I know how people would feel) , I have decided to post this rumour!

According to various tabloid newspapers, (Note the bold in tabloid) Matt Smith is to quit doctor who after series 6! Don't worry guys, This is tabloids. And they predicted that DT would leave halfway through series 4! Matt told Digital Spy that it was the best job in the world, and that he wouldn't leave in a million years. That, and the fact that he's signed on for at least another two years! Means that this is probably a load of rubbish!

Lets hope matt stays for many years to come!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

More Xmas Details (Plus, my theory's for this ep)

Heres what Steven Moffat had to say about the special:

'Oh, we're going for broke with this one. It's all your favourite Christmas movies at once, in an hour, with monsters. And the Doctor. And a honeymoon. And ... oh, you'll see. I've honestly never been so excited about writing anything. I was laughing madly as I typed along to Christmas songs in April. My neighbours loved it so much they all moved away and set up a website demanding my execution. But I'm fairly sure they did it ironically!'

Haha! This is hilarious, and I'm so glad to see the moff really excited about his work! Anyway, the BBC have also revealed that the special will be a twist on Charles Dickens 'A Christmas Carol' (and if you haven't heard of A Christmas Carol, SHAME ON YOU!)

I have a feeling that Katherine Jenkins will play some sort of 'Ghost of Christmas Past' Her looks sort of fit the description in the book!
What about Gambon?, lets just say he'll probably be getting a little grumpy for Christmas! cough-Scrooge-Cough!

But, this is on the basis that the tale will be the exact version of A Christmas Carol, I would love to see the twist! Also, It can't be exactly the same as A Christmas Carol story wise, Because Amy and Rory would just be like:

'Oh My God, this is like Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. We know what to do to solve this. Just show him his Past, Present, and Future.'

I'm completely forgetting about the monster of this episode, This will probably be the main twist to the episode.

So! Lets forget about An Egyptian Goddess loose on the Orient Express and start with a Christmas Carol! Lets just hope the moff doesn't get over excited about Christmas Cheer, and make the episode cringe worthy cheesy!

Sorry for absence

I completley forgot to tell you that I had my daughters 8th Birthday yesterday, and we had a huge party and stuff. Which meant no updates from me yesterday. There was no who news really. Was hoping for some filming pics, but they seemed to have benn filming inside.

Strangley enough I had a dream last night that I was on the Doctor Who set filming The Vampires of Venice with everyone! A cool dream, but I was slightly dissapointed when I woke up and realised it wasn't real!

Anyway, should be able to update today!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Gambon and Jenkins in Doctor Who

Steven Moffat has confirmed that actor sir Michael Gambon and singer Katherine Jenkins are to star in this years Xmas special!

Heres what the moff had to say!

"Michael Gambon is as distinguished an actor as I can imagine and the fact that he was Dumbledore means that he is already known to millions of children."

and about katherine:

"She is brilliant – she is a great singer and a great performer."

I am becoming so excited for this ep! And since sir Michael Gambon is starring in it, I know it will be amazing!
I've never seen Katherine Jenkins acting chops, but her voice is well...stunning! Can't wait!

Oh, and here's what Katherine wrote on her twitter account today:

"I can now tell you my news. This Xmas in the year 2010 I will be joining the Time Lord in the Tardis. Filming starts today. Wish me luck!"

So, it's official, filming starts today! WOOHOO!

Also, Jason Issacs is credited to star in series 6! on IMBD he is credited as 'The Capitan'

Wether or not Jason is in the Xmas special, it should be a awesome episode!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

David Tennant Loses 1 Million !

According to the sun (which aren't usually right) David Tennant has lost One Million pounds since he quit the job as the tenth doctor, his record going from 2.5 million to 1.5 million.
I think this is not because he quit Doctor Who, but just because his US pilot failed, and he bought a house for 1 million pounds recently!

Apparently, BBC Bosses are said to be debating over weather to fire Matt Smith and bring back David. Both this, and the recent drop in viewing figures, have contributed to this.

I think all of this is utter rubbish. Especially about David rejoining Doctor Who. I would certainly complain if this were to happen. And never in a million years would Steven Moffat replace Matt with David. Come on, David had his time, he decided to leave, he could never return as the doctor unless the whole of the matt smith era was a dream or something. I'm not ruling out a cameo, I think that would be awesome!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Weekly Poll - Results

The results for this weeks poll are in!

1st was the Ood with 3 Votes - 37.5%

Joint 2nd were the Weeping Angels, The Vashta Nerada, the smilers, the new daleks and the dream lord! Each with 1 vote - 12.5%

There was no third place

This weeks poll will be best doctor!

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Friday, 9 July 2010

Series 5 - Total Ratings

Here are the total viewing figures for series 5 of Doctor Who:

The Eleventh Hour - 13.57 million Viewers

The Beast Below - 11.42 million Viewers

Victory of the Daleks - 10.68 million Viewers

The Time of Angels - 11.06 million Viewers

Flesh and Stone - 10.87 million Viewers

The Vampires of Venice - 9.96 million Viewers

Amy's Choice - 9.98 million Viewers

The Hungry Earth - 8.71 million Viewers

Cold Blood - 9.34 million Viewers

Vincent and the Doctor - 8.89 million Viewers

The Lodger - 8.94 million Viewers

The Pandorica Opens - 9.49 million Viewers

The Big Bang - 9.31 million Viewers

Theses are excellent figures! So not one episode had less than 8 million viewers!
What do you think of these figures?

Another new banner!

With thanks to The Red Dalek for creating this for me.

What do you think?

Updated Banner

So, my banner has changed due to my recent obsession with lego!
And how many people agree with me that lego should make thier next video game a lego doctor who game?

So, do you like the new banner (it will change next week - so if you don't like it it is temporary!)

News ! (and lego stuff!)

So, sorry for absence of updates, but there really hasn't been any who news recently that needs telling. Doctor Who series 5 volume 2 has been released and there's this wacky new projector thing (which looks rubbish) but not really anything to talk about!
But, here are a few things from the who world or related:

.Ep 2 of my series will be released next Saturday!

. Matt Smith and Daisy Lowe could be getting married sometime soon.

.Neil Gaiman has finished his script and it will be episode 3 of series 6!

.Final figures for 'The Big Bang' have been delayed. (They don't have HD figures yet) but the ratings still are looking really low :(

Anyway! Thats all the news. Oh, and my lego harry potter game on PS3 came in the post today! Not Who related but the game is AWESOME! Even if you don't like Harry Potter it's still a fantastic game, and the best one lego has done!
Next, Lego should make Lego doctor who games! That would be more awesome!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Filming Starts on Tuesday

Next Tuesday is when matt and Karen start filming the Xmas special and series 6!

We should be able to see Matt's new costume (unless he wears the wedding gear for the special)

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My Series - Full Promo Image

Here is the promo image for the whole of the series. (Which, now takes place after the xmas special, when, lets say Rory goes home for a week, or something like that)
Anyway, the third image of the day of my series!:

Hope you like!

The Woman who Killed - Promo Image

2 promo images for my series in one day! WOW! But here is the promo image for ep6 of my series (yes, It is a doctor lite - hence no doctor in the promo image-)

The Dead World - Promo Image

Here is a promo image for ep 5 of my new series 'The Dead World' and yes, It does have a younger version of River Song in it!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Firewater - New First Scene

There hasn't been much news on my series for a while, but since my laptop broke I lost ep 2 of the series! Don't worry, though. I've redone most of it with just a page or too to do. My first scene id completley different to my original one. So, without further ado. Here is the first scene from ep 2 of my series, Firewater:


An old street, cobbled, with old, Elizabethan houses.
One of them reads, FARYNOR BAKERY.
A woman appears, MRS DAKES, middle aged. She walks down the street whistling to herself. She looks nervous, she doesn’t like the dark very much.

Suddenly, the door to the FARYNOR BAKERY creaks open. MRS DAKES head shoots towards it. Standing in the doorway is THOMAS FARNOR, 35, slim. He looks far away, like hes daydreaming. MRS DAKES gasps in relief as she realises who he is.

Oh! Mr Farynor, it’s you!

FAYNORS head shoots towards MRS DAKES. He smiles, coldly. Mrs DAKES looks very scared.

I think you had better get back inside, Mr Farynor sir, You still haven’t recovered from that mental illness you got weeks ago.

FARYNOR laughs a cruel, cold laugh. MRS DAKES squeals.

Oh, I don’t think so woman. You see, I don’t need to be hidden away from the world just because I have an illness. I’ve come to collect some people whom I can experiment on. For my work

Farynor, your barking! I don’t know what it is you’ve got but It’s doing your head in

She chuckles to herself. FARYNOR screams at her, he’s angry. MRS DAKES squeals again.



I have been given a gift. And in return for the givers of my gift. I am doing a favour. And I need Humans. Someone like yourself.

MRS DAKES freezes. Petrified.

Come Closer, Mrs Dakes.

MRS DAKES disobeys, so FARYNOR walks closer to MRS DAKES, a huge grin spread across his face. He takes out a dagger from his pocket.



A large bedroom. A double bed against the wall, a larger fireplace, and a desk in the corner. A young man sits at the desk. TODD DAKES, 21, handsome. He is writing something in a diary.

Suddenly the screams of MRS DAKES are heared. TODD freezes.


The scream still going on until suddenly they stop.


TODD rushes out of his room


The body of MRD DAKES lies right in the centre of the cobbled streets. TODD rushes from a house, spots MRS DAKES and runs to her. She is covered in blood.

Mother? Oh, mother! What evils could have done this to you.

Suddenly, a door slams. TODD looks up to where the sound came from. He is looking at the FARYNOR BAKERY.
He looks, suspiciously. Then he turns back to his mother and starts weeping.

Finally, he gets the urge to speak. With his hands clasped together and his head low. He speaks.

Oh, lord. I don’t know who could have done such a thing to my poor mother but hear me out. I don’t know whats happened. And I need to find out what! So please could you find me someone. A detective. Because when I find out who did this and why. Their going to be sorry. And I...

TODD is interrupted by a sudden whirl of wind. Along with the wind came the scream of engines.

What in the name of..

Then, the TARDIS comes into view. It materialises beside TODD. The noise stops. And out of the TARDIS pops THE DOCTOR and AMY. THE DOCTOR stares at MRS DAKES body

O.K! never had danger jump me in the face this quick into a visit. WOW! Thats exhilarating.

TODD looks up at THE DOCTOR, shocked. THE DOCTOR sees TODD

Oh! Hello!


New Banner

As you can see, I have a new banner! tell me what you think. Its a bit nothingy. I did originally have some Simpson style doctor who characters that I had on the banner. But I thought it made it look a bit weird!

Clara Reviews Series 5

O.K. Here it is! Series 5 from a childs point of view.
Clara is 7 and she is an avid doctor who fan. But she HATED David Tennant. Which is strange because everyone loved him. Oh Well. Here is my daughters review of series 5!

P.S. It is typed by her, I did try and correct spelling and stuff, But I may have missed some.

The Eleventh Hour
I like the new Doctor, he is very funny and he is better than the last one. The big eye aliens weren't very scary and the prisoner zero wasn't either. But, I really like Amy Pond as she is funny and smart. The new TARDIS is better than the old one and it was a very good episode. I don't like the doctors costume.

The Beast Below
I thought this episode was a bit boring because nothing much happened. I like the queen and the little girl. And the aliens were very scary that I ran out the room when they came on.

Victory of the Daleks
I like Winston Churchill, He is very interesting and he is quite funny. I loved the green Dalek because it looked very scary. But I thought the doctor was scary when he hit the dalek and I felt sorry for it. I don't like the new daleks as they are too colourful.

The Time of Angels
I really enjoyed this episode. It was really scary and I was hiding behind the sofa! And so was daddy because he was scared too! River Song is a bit snobby, but I like her. It was scary when the angels killed Bob. The end was exciting

Flesh and Stone
Better than the last one! When the angels moved I screamed and I don't like forests anymore.
I liked how the angels were defeated and I think that the crack will appear in more episodes. The only thing I didn't like was the kiss as it was disgusting

The Vampires of Venice
I thought this episode was the funniest episode ever! I think Rory is alot better than Mickey and when the vampires were looking like aliens they were scary. I liked how the episode was solved and it looked funny when the doctor was climbing on the building

Amy's Choice
Although Daddy liked Amy's Choice. I thought it was rubbish. The monstor wasn't good and it wasn't scary because all he could do was make dreams. And the old people were funny, not scary! But I like how Amy loves Rory.

The Hungry Earth
Nothing happened in this one. But I did like the jokes and It was a bit scary when it went dark. The lizard looks scary.

Cold Blood
This was a million times better than the last one and the best episode of the series so far. It was scary when the lizards were coming after them. And it was sad when Rory died. I like how Amy can't see Rory waving at them.

Vincent and the Doctor
a good episode. I thought the monster looked like a chicken, and it wasn't scary. And I thought that the town people were very mean to Vincent. It was sad when they knew he still killed himself. But it made me feel happy when he saw his paintings. I learned alot from this episode and we are going to Paris soon to see the Van Gogh paintings!

The Lodger
I thought this episode wasn't very good. I liked Craig because he was funny. But there wasn't a monster and it was very confusing. When Amy saw the ring it was exciting.

The Pandorica Opens
This episode was great. Not as good as the lizard one, but almost. I liked the romans and River Song. I liked how all the monsters were there and the cyberman was very scary! It was exciting at the end because Amy was dead and the doctor was trapped inside Pandora's box

The Big Bang
I like young Amy, and I liked how the doctor kept going back in time. But I thought this episode was really confusing. I didn't understand how they could restart the universe. I liked Amys mummy and daddy, but How did Amy bring back the doctor. I don't get what silence is because I thought it had something to do with this episode but it doesn't. And I hope that the doctor didn'ty marry river Song!

Overall, a good series, but not as good as my favourite one, series 1 !

Johnny Depp Isn't the Doctor, and a rant about a USA Doctor Who

YAY! The rumours are false! As you all know (unless you don't get the news) There were various reports that RTD was writing a doc who movie and that Johnny Depp was to play the role of the doctor!

Let me say that this was all utter rubbish and a good thing too. An American doctor could be a disaster. I'm sorry to all those American fans out there. But doctor who is and always will be, a British TV show.
and America had better not make their own version of Doctor Who, or else I know they'll have half of Britain to deal with!
It's like Britain going over to the USA and stealing a programme like 'Glee' and making a British 'Glee.'

Glee is strictly American. Doctor Who is strictly British. See what I mean?

And I can't see why everyone is saying that if there was a Doctor Who movie, David Tennant should play the doc. Come on! What? They can't bring a past doctor back just because he had a successful time on the show. The only person to play him in a movie is Smithy (No, not James cordon! Matt Smith)

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Weekly Poll - Results

So, here are the results to this weeks poll!

1st was The Big Bang with 5 votes 45.5%

2nd was The Pandorica opens with 3 votes 27.3%

3rd was Vincent and the Doctor, The Vampires of Venice and The Beast Below with 1 vote each 9.1%

YAY! This weeks poll is... best Monster from new who! EVER! it's gonna be a BIG poll1 lol

Friday, 2 July 2010

The Pandorica Opens - Final Viewing Figures

The final viewing figures for ep 12 have been released. It got 7.57 million viewers!
This is AMAZING results and it proves just how bad people are when they judge the overnights!

It gained a 37% share of the audience! which is also astounding!
Doctor Who is currently the 9th watched programme of the week!

Now lets just hope ep 13 beats these records which I am sure they will!

Frank is Spider Man

You may remember back in series 3, there was a character called Frank. The person who played him (Andrew Garfield) will be playing the part of Spider Man in the 2012 prequel to the trilogy!

Good Luck to Andrew and I can't wait to see the film

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Who Stuff

The answer to the last 'who stuff' was Jackie Tyler and she said it in the series one episode World War III!

Today, it's a quiz about series 5! 10 questions

1 According to the TV in 'The Beast Below' How old is Amy?

2 what is the name of the monster terrorizing Provence in 'Vincent and the Doctor'?

3 How many times exactly over the course of this series, has River Song uttered the word 'Spoilers'?

4 What did Ambrose mistake Rory for in 'The Hungry Earth'

5 In 'The Vampires of Venice' what was the name of the Diabetic Girl in a Bikini?

6 What did the doctor pick up instead of his Sonic Screwdriver in 'The Lodger'?

7 What is the role of the orange Dalek?

8 Complete the sentence ' Oh Doctor, Why do I *** *** ***' ?

9 What is the actual name for 'Blue Boringers'?

10 How many times has Amy kissed Rory this series?

Post your answers in the comment section. The answers will be revealed tomorrow evening!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Red Dalek Special Project

Over at The Red Dalek, thereddalek is planning a special project to be revealed on the 11th July at 6:00 PM. But if you can't wait that long, there will be pics and reviews released from the 5th of July up untill that release date!
TheRedDalek hasn't revealed much more but I for one can't wait to find out what it is!

Who said this and In What Episode?

'It's Him! It's the thing, It's the Slipeen!'

I know it's probably quite easy to all those obssessed fans like me! lol, but still...

New Blog Features

So, now the series is over, the likleyhood is the amount of who news will go down. least untill filming starts in July.
So, so This site isn't abandoned and to keep you all entertained, I will set up daily posts consisting of competitions/Games/Quizzes or facts you may not know!

Sunday, 27 June 2010


Is this Leadworth in the background? I think it is!

Series 6 Speculation

So! Here are my theories and stuff for this years Xmas special and series 6!

So, the moff has said the story arcs will be based around who River Song is and the Silence!

River Song:

We know that River Song is very close to the doc. We also know she may have killed him. We also know that even the Daleks were scared of her! Who is she? I doubt she is the doctors wife. (Or anyone related to him) or the doc himself. I think we all know that the moff has known who she really is from when he wrote silence in the library!

skip the video below to 4:00 and watch the clip:

Is River Song the docs Father?! lol

Well, endless possibilities here. We know that this person can control the TARDIS. We know it has the power to blow up the TARDIS. We know it's male. We know it has wierd sort of landing marks on Amys grass. We also know that it has the power to create settings and people out of memories (is it just me or has memory been a recuring theme throughout series 5?)
I am hoping for the big baddie to be Augustus Pond! No! I honestly don't think it will be Omega or the Valeyard, or the Master, or DavroS. I think it is a new enemy!

Now, onto some things I want to see in series 6!:

Well, Niel Gainmans episode will be AMAZING! He is a very creepy writer and also very strange. Alice in Wonderland-y tones come from his writing, as well as a Tim Burton-y quality! I'm using -y alot. But I am hoping for a scary story from Gainman. The House of Nothing certainlly sounds a great title (be it used or not)

I really want the doc, Amy and Rory to go to ancient Egypt. Perhaps this christmas special will see a trip to Egypt (goddess loose on the space orient express!) Or maybe we need another author! Enid Blyton? With Noddy, having tea. In the middle of the countryside? or maybe Henry VIII!

NEW MONSTORS! Please! The Moffs series wasn't to filled with new monstors. The only eps with new monstors were 1, 2, 6, 7, 10, 11. Thats less than half the series! RTD created his classic Ood! (the classic aliens of new who in my opinion) We need a new Moff montsor that goes down as argublly the best enemy in who history!

Lot's of River Song! I really warmed to her this series! She needs to have more episodes. Maybe one of the things she mentioned in her diary. Can't wait to see more of her!

More short Skirts. As a male fan, I have to say that I was impressed with the amount of time Amy spent in miniskirts! MORE PLEASE ;)

An acctual good Christmas special would be nice. As evrey one of them has been a flop. The trio in wedding gear can't be far from wrong! lol! CANT F****** wait for Xmas! Just 181 days to go!

YAY! Thats it. Where would you like to see the doc go?

The History Hunt - Synopsis

A new game will be releaed on the Doctor Who website, NOT PART OF THE ADVENTURE GAMES!

Here is the sort of synopsis:

It's called The History Hunt and is an interactive game where you must help Amy and the Doctor. It's not one of our new Adventure Games but it does involve you following clues and entering the world of the Doctor! It's full of exploration, fun and exclusive videos and is coming to the doctor who site soon!

Looks cool!

My Top Ten New Who Episodes

So, another series gone! With the six months wait till Christmas with an Egyptian Goddess on the orient express, I have decided to compile a list of my top ten new who eps. I have only seen about 20 classic who episodes, so I won't review them.

Here they are: (BTW, Two parters count as one whole ep)

10: The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
Just better than the empty child. I loved this episode, It was terrifying, emotional, funny. I think I nearly collapsed when the 9th doc said about haaving a craving for blondes in union jacks! The scene with Rose telling Nancy that Britain won the war was beautiful, and EVREYBODY LIVES! truly the best 9th doctor adventure!

9: Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead
Although no where near as scary as moffs blink or the empty child, I still loved this episode. Forest of the Dead cosiderablly more than Silence in the Library. Moffats parralel world created for Donna was genius and the mystery River Song was a truly nail biting mystery spanned over the episodes. Although not as scary, the whole two episodes were spectacular and emotional and...incredibbly written!

8: Turn Left
I know I'm no fan of RTD's writing. But this was (And I hate to say it) an incredible peice of television. Evreything! The concept, the acting (catherine tate blew my mind in the circle of mirrors scene)and I loved checking off the list all the alien invasions that happened. An Epic Cliffhanger too!

7:The Unicorn and the Wasp
The most hilarious episode of who! I love Agatha Christie. And all the book references were awesome! Scary aswell. Although, the wasp was the best peice of CGI work on the show to date. I think it would have worked better if this time there was no alien. It was an acctual person! But the comedy more than made up for it! HARVEY WALLBANGER!

6: The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit
WOW! EPIC television! By far the best of series 2. The ood were Terrifying! That voice made me wet myself, don't turn around, Toby! Just, incredible!

5: The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone
Another classic story from the moff. Better than any RTD ep! The weeping angels were back and worse this time round! The crack was there too! And the two doctors! River song was more explored and we find out that she killed someone! Terrifying, scary and with great acting from The trio (matt, karen and Alex)
and when the angels moved I shot out of my chair!

Just better than the EPIC two parter that follows this. Blink really does play with your mind and your nerves. A haunted house was an obvious thing for Doctor Who to do yet it has never been done before. Sally Sparrow is PERFECT companion material (maybe series 9?) and that montage of statues at the end...... ARRRGGGHHH!

3: Cold Blood
I'm not putting the hungry earth in with this as I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have done! But ep 9 was spectacular! It was fast paced and exciting! even without that last five minuites, but those last five ranked it up from say, my 15 fav ep ever to 3rd! THE SILURIANS ARE BACK! AND BETTER THAN THEY HAVE EVER BEEN BEFORE!

2: Amy's Choice
Stunning Episode with a chilling villan! What more can I say! Ice TARDIS looked awesome!

1: Vincent and the Doctor
WOOO HOOO! This is Doctor Who! Not just fighting monstors, but saving Vincent!
Made me cry all three times I've seen this! Amazing CGI in the sky turning into starry night! My daughter is now bugging me to go to see the church at Auvers and they really are interested in Van Gogh. The monstor Did look like a chickin. But it wasn't supposed to be scary. It was a paralell to Vincent (who was amazingly played by Toby Curran) BEST WHO EP EVER!

So, thats it! As you can see, I have alot of series 5 eps thrownin there! But seeries 5 was by far that best series!

11 Better Than 10 !

O.K people, he's done it!

Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor is officially my favourite incarnation, he beat DT to number 1. He's just perfect in the role.

Why do I now prefer him?

IMHO, Matt is a better actor! He can convey so much expressionand so many emotions on his face all at once. Yes, David was an AMAZING actor. But I felt he slightly over acted the role towards the end of time part 2. And I felt RTDs writing contributed to that.

How alien he is. I know alot of people have said that, but I really can tell that 11 is an alien. 10 was waaaaayyyy to human. All the little quirks. Especially the way he checks his watch! And his hair is very alien.

Basically, the big bang was Matts best episode of the series. The scene when he was strapped into the pandorica and he was talking to Amy was STUNNINGLY acted!

Roll on Matt Smith. May 11 reign for years to come!

P.S. How different does he look in the pic with short hair!

Doctor Who Series 5 Volume 3 - DVD Cover

Here is the Cover for volume 3!

Cool huh!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Series 5 Finale - My Review

WOW1 WHAT AN AMAZING COUPLE OF EPISODES! The best series finale by a billion miles! A perfect ending to a PERFECT series!

Lets start with ep 12:

I loved the returning characters, a.k.a, Liz Ten and Churchill! And that was before the titles kicked in. The action with River was great (in the prison) and I loved the reference to both star wars and the end of time part 2.

I really felt moffats writing was the best hit's been here, creating suspense easily.
River impersonating Cleopatra was HILARIOUS! And her carving 'Hello Sweetie' in the oldest cliff face in the universe was a paticular highlight. And a very River-y thing to do!
The whole 'stone hendge being built as a marking for the pandorica' was clever! And I also felt The Moff handled the cybermen perfectly. And he made them VERY scary with thier tentacles (a very chilling scene with Amy and the tentacles)

The SFX were STUNNING the spacships in the sky were just... WOW! good enough to be a hollywood movie!
The Aliance was a good idea, and I was worried that moff would not pull it off. But he didn't focus on the various enemues much, which was good.
I don't know who filmed this, but the cinematogropjy needs to be noted. Not only being the best cinematogrophy I've seen in who. But the shots and colour tones really gave this a cinematic feel! FANTASTIC STUFF

And the revelation that the pandorica was built for the doc was a great one! It seems obvious to evreyone now. Yet we never guessed (that is, untill some concept art was released early)

Oh, and RORY RETURNS! YAY! but, he's acctually an auton...

AND THE BEST CLIFFHANGER IN WHO HISTORY! Better than The Stolen Earth cliffhanger. It was a LOOOOOOONNNNG nail biting week!


Now lets move on to ep 13:
A FANTASTIC conclusion! The cliffhanger resolved nicley, with ALOT of Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey stuff going on.

I LOVEED the fact that the ep started the same way ep 1 started. It feally made you feel emotional, (the same way I felt about the Glee Cast doing a reprise of Dont Stop Believing in thier season finale! - Yes, I ama Glee fan, what are you gonna do?)
But, the cliffhanger-y of the Amy in the pandorica was AWESOME! And the interaction between young Pond and old Pond was great! I loved how the doctor calls Amy 'Pond' It's sooo cool! (in a wierd geeky way!)

Amyway, The lone centurion idea almost made me weep with mixed emotions. It really proves just how much Rory loves Amy. And the Fez, perhaps he could wear that again sometime?
The SFX NEEED to be noted as the best SFX. Not just this series, but all 5 and the specials. Truly, the doctor flying into the explosion looked AMAZING!

I have to say though, my favourite moment in the ep. Or maybe this who series, or maybe who history, was River Song making the dalek beg for mercy. (I think I squealed with excitment at that point!)
And the flesh and stone thing was correct. I'm not gonna lie and say I spotted it, because I didn't:(, but, Conngrats to all those who did! I though Matts acting, paticularly when he talked to Amy before he flew into the 'big bang' (another AMAZING scene) was WAAAAAYYYY better than anyting DT could have done (don't go blabbing on, it's just my opinion)
And the idea that the pandorica would restore the earth was an EPIC-Y sort of idea that you would find in an RTD finale. But good news guys, The Moff didn't overuse it.
After all the excitment, our doc goes to visit young Amy (again, congrats to those who spotted him flash by in ep 1) in a really beautiful scene. With some of the best Eleven-y qoutes of this series! The one about we're all stories gave me a lump in my throat.

Then, It was DAY! the stars were back. And I was thinking that suddenly, the doc would burst through the door, pick Amy up and tell her to remember him. But he didn't

We saw Amy's parents, (Agustus! What sort of a name is Augustus Pond?!) But then the wedding was awesome!
The whole stuff about the new, the old, the borrowed, the blue really sums up Doctor Who for me. It's something old, new, borrowed and!
The doc in wedding gear was again, Hilarious, and him dancing made my 7 year old roll on the floor laughing!

And the river song thing....confidential said we will find out next series! OOOOH, exciting! But River Song left walking around in the 21st Century. We will see her again soon!

My only critism was that in ep 5, River told us about the pandorica, so she couldn't possibly die, ruined it a little bit, but HEY! They ALWAYS survive in the end!

At Christmas we have Egyptian Queen on the space Orient Express! With Amy, and Rory, and the doc. All in wedding gear (and hopefully, a fez!)


It's been a GREAT SERIES!

Weekly Poll - Results

So! Another poll gone! The results are in...

1st was Series 5 with 4 votes (44.4%)

2nd was Series 4 with 3 votes (33.3%)

3rd was Series 2 with 2 votes (22.2%)

This weeks poll is, best ep of series 5! GET VOTING

I'm Back! - Did You Miss Me?


After days of annoyance and frustration, I've finally fixed my laptop! BY MYSELF!!!!!!!!!! Without paying a thing!


So, yeah! BACK ON!


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Sorry Guys - Short absense

Sorry, My Laptop froze (something wrong with my new hardrive) I will get it back tomorrow afternoon!
It's impossible to write posts at the mo, as I am writing this from my Daughters DSi. Which has a slow internet connection and is very slow to type on!
Sorry again. Should be back to normal tomorrow


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Weekly Poll - Results

The results are in.....

1st was The Runaway Bride (surprisingly) with 5 votes ( 45.5%)

Joint 2nd was The Christmas Invasion, Voyage of the Damned and The End of Time Part 1each with 2 votes (18.2%)


This weeks poll is, best series!(by series, that includes the specials. AND series 5)


The Pandorica Opens - Today

YAY! the Penultimate episode of series 5 airs tonight!

We will finally learn who is inside the pandorica! We may see the Zygons! Will this be the first time River Song has met the doctor? How is Rory back? Whats it all got to do with little Amelia? and what 'explosion' caused the crack. And, is the 'big coninuity error' in flesh and stone just a continuity error, or something bigger?


I will have the usual after. The Big Bang trailer (if there is one!), the crack from this ep. My initial review e.c.t e.c.t.! Oh, and a new thing. The Cliffhanger discussion. Where I post how I think a cliffhanger of an ep will be resolved!

Friday, 18 June 2010

The Adventure Games - Winter of Time Synopsis

Here is the synopsis for ep 2 of the adventure games:

The Doctor and Amy materialize in the Arctic - where members of a survey team are turning from flesh to metal and digging something sinister from under the ice that's been waiting thousands of years - an army of Cybermen!

This is your chance to be the Doctor.
Are you ready for the challenge?


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The Pandorica Opens - Two New (Not Too) Revealing Pics

Here are two more unseen pics from saturdays episode!

the doc gets electrocuted (yet again - lol)

YAY! Looks set to be an AMAZING ep!