Sunday, 26 September 2010

Dolls in Doctor Who!

ARRRGGGHHH! Honestly, If there are two things I am scared of, it's Clowns and Dolls (really anything with a creepy smile and 'starey' eyes) I was terrified of Oddbob in 'The Day of the Clown' and the same goes for the joker in 'Dark Night' I also know that in series 4 of 'The Sarah Jane Adventures' that the nightmare man will be terrifying. Now they have to put friggin dolls? I'm gonna Die!

But don't get me wrong, I love the though, and I love episodes that genuinely scare me. So(If these pictures aren't fake) I am excited

Take a look at them!:

Creepy huh? (or is it just me!)

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Guess Who 4 and 5!

At long last! Here they are! REMEMBER, When you answer ANSWER AS COMMENTS, NOT IN THE CBOX!

Guess Who 4:

Sorry the right eye is done badly. The picture was a tad big and my laptop wont let me crop it :(

Guess Who 5:

Get guessing. Answers up in a couple of days


IM BACK! And I don't want to say why I was gone, but I am back. And fine and dandy so don't worry about me!

AM SO SORRY for all I have missed. Will catch up on it over time (I haven't really been checking on Doc Who news much) But yeah!

I know how annoying it must have been for you guys! I mean, I used to follow a blog and they shut down without telling anyone, and I ended up checking for updates every day for a year untill they acctually posted the site was getting no more updates :(

So, I hope none of you have been checking every day!

I will be posting various updates to catch up so.. Some news you all probably know. But... Here we go!

Ahh! It's good to be back!

Friday, 3 September 2010


I am SO sorry for the lack of posts since Monday, For me, Tuesday was the start of term for a teacher, (yes, that is what I do, - Head of English and Drama-) And over the first days of term we have had more after school staff meetings than I can count! Sometimes I have got home at half past nine, so It was just enough time to make myself some tea, and then bed, for I have to get up at quarter to six each morn!

So sorry. As everyone settles down in the new term I hope staff meetings decrease as I find them rather tedious and I still have stuff to mark and a family to take care of!

So, I hope you guys aren't angry with me for my recent drop in posts. (I used to do four or five a day) maybe it's because The series is over now, There's not much to write about now anyway. BUT I do have my rather delayed Guess Who 3 and 4 to post!

Thanks guys!