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The Red Dalek Special Project

Over at The Red Dalek, thereddalek is planning a special project to be revealed on the 11th July at 6:00 PM. But if you can't wait that long, there will be pics and reviews released from the 5th of July up untill that release date!
TheRedDalek hasn't revealed much more but I for one can't wait to find out what it is!

Who said this and In What Episode?

'It's Him! It's the thing, It's the Slipeen!'

I know it's probably quite easy to all those obssessed fans like me! lol, but still...

New Blog Features

So, now the series is over, the likleyhood is the amount of who news will go down. Well....at least untill filming starts in July.
So, so This site isn't abandoned and to keep you all entertained, I will set up daily posts consisting of competitions/Games/Quizzes or facts you may not know!

Sunday, 27 June 2010


Is this Leadworth in the background? I think it is!

Series 6 Speculation

So! Here are my theories and stuff for this years Xmas special and series 6!

So, the moff has said the story arcs will be based around who River Song is and the Silence!

River Song:

We know that River Song is very close to the doc. We also know she may have killed him. We also know that even the Daleks were scared of her! Who is she? I doubt she is the doctors wife. (Or anyone related to him) or the doc himself. I think we all know that the moff has known who she really is from when he wrote silence in the library!

skip the video below to 4:00 and watch the clip:

Is River Song the docs Father?! lol

Well, endless possibilities here. We know that this person can control the TARDIS. We know it has the power to blow up the TARDIS. We know it's male. We know it has wierd sort of landing marks on Amys grass. We also know that it has the power to create settings and people out of memories (is it just me or has memory been a recuring theme throughout series 5?)
I am hoping for the big baddie to be Augustus Pond! No! I honestly don't think it will be Omega or the Valeyard, or the Master, or DavroS. I think it is a new enemy!

Now, onto some things I want to see in series 6!:

Well, Niel Gainmans episode will be AMAZING! He is a very creepy writer and also very strange. Alice in Wonderland-y tones come from his writing, as well as a Tim Burton-y quality! I'm using -y alot. But I am hoping for a scary story from Gainman. The House of Nothing certainlly sounds a great title (be it used or not)

I really want the doc, Amy and Rory to go to ancient Egypt. Perhaps this christmas special will see a trip to Egypt (goddess loose on the space orient express!) Or maybe we need another author! Enid Blyton? With Noddy, having tea. In the middle of the countryside? or maybe Henry VIII!

NEW MONSTORS! Please! The Moffs series wasn't to filled with new monstors. The only eps with new monstors were 1, 2, 6, 7, 10, 11. Thats less than half the series! RTD created his classic Ood! (the classic aliens of new who in my opinion) We need a new Moff montsor that goes down as argublly the best enemy in who history!

Lot's of River Song! I really warmed to her this series! She needs to have more episodes. Maybe one of the things she mentioned in her diary. Can't wait to see more of her!

More short Skirts. As a male fan, I have to say that I was impressed with the amount of time Amy spent in miniskirts! MORE PLEASE ;)

An acctual good Christmas special would be nice. As evrey one of them has been a flop. The trio in wedding gear can't be far from wrong! lol! CANT F****** wait for Xmas! Just 181 days to go!

YAY! Thats it. Where would you like to see the doc go?

The History Hunt - Synopsis

A new game will be releaed on the Doctor Who website, NOT PART OF THE ADVENTURE GAMES!

Here is the sort of synopsis:

It's called The History Hunt and is an interactive game where you must help Amy and the Doctor. It's not one of our new Adventure Games but it does involve you following clues and entering the world of the Doctor! It's full of exploration, fun and exclusive videos and is coming to the doctor who site soon!

Looks cool!

My Top Ten New Who Episodes

So, another series gone! With the six months wait till Christmas with an Egyptian Goddess on the orient express, I have decided to compile a list of my top ten new who eps. I have only seen about 20 classic who episodes, so I won't review them.

Here they are: (BTW, Two parters count as one whole ep)

10: The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
Just better than the empty child. I loved this episode, It was terrifying, emotional, funny. I think I nearly collapsed when the 9th doc said about haaving a craving for blondes in union jacks! The scene with Rose telling Nancy that Britain won the war was beautiful, and EVREYBODY LIVES! truly the best 9th doctor adventure!

9: Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead
Although no where near as scary as moffs blink or the empty child, I still loved this episode. Forest of the Dead cosiderablly more than Silence in the Library. Moffats parralel world created for Donna was genius and the mystery River Song was a truly nail biting mystery spanned over the episodes. Although not as scary, the whole two episodes were spectacular and emotional and...incredibbly written!

8: Turn Left
I know I'm no fan of RTD's writing. But this was (And I hate to say it) an incredible peice of television. Evreything! The concept, the acting (catherine tate blew my mind in the circle of mirrors scene)and I loved checking off the list all the alien invasions that happened. An Epic Cliffhanger too!

7:The Unicorn and the Wasp
The most hilarious episode of who! I love Agatha Christie. And all the book references were awesome! Scary aswell. Although, the wasp was the best peice of CGI work on the show to date. I think it would have worked better if this time there was no alien. It was an acctual person! But the comedy more than made up for it! HARVEY WALLBANGER!

6: The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit
WOW! EPIC television! By far the best of series 2. The ood were Terrifying! That voice made me wet myself, don't turn around, Toby! Just, incredible!

5: The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone
Another classic story from the moff. Better than any RTD ep! The weeping angels were back and worse this time round! The crack was there too! And the two doctors! River song was more explored and we find out that she killed someone! Terrifying, scary and with great acting from The trio (matt, karen and Alex)
and when the angels moved I shot out of my chair!

Just better than the EPIC two parter that follows this. Blink really does play with your mind and your nerves. A haunted house was an obvious thing for Doctor Who to do yet it has never been done before. Sally Sparrow is PERFECT companion material (maybe series 9?) and that montage of statues at the end...... ARRRGGGHHH!

3: Cold Blood
I'm not putting the hungry earth in with this as I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have done! But ep 9 was spectacular! It was fast paced and exciting! even without that last five minuites, but those last five ranked it up from say, my 15 fav ep ever to 3rd! THE SILURIANS ARE BACK! AND BETTER THAN THEY HAVE EVER BEEN BEFORE!

2: Amy's Choice
Stunning Episode with a chilling villan! What more can I say! Ice TARDIS looked awesome!

1: Vincent and the Doctor
WOOO HOOO! This is Doctor Who! Not just fighting monstors, but saving Vincent!
Made me cry all three times I've seen this! Amazing CGI in the sky turning into starry night! My daughter is now bugging me to go to see the church at Auvers and they really are interested in Van Gogh. The monstor Did look like a chickin. But it wasn't supposed to be scary. It was a paralell to Vincent (who was amazingly played by Toby Curran) BEST WHO EP EVER!

So, thats it! As you can see, I have alot of series 5 eps thrownin there! But seeries 5 was by far that best series!

11 Better Than 10 !

O.K people, he's done it!

Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor is officially my favourite incarnation, he beat DT to number 1. He's just perfect in the role.

Why do I now prefer him?

IMHO, Matt is a better actor! He can convey so much expressionand so many emotions on his face all at once. Yes, David was an AMAZING actor. But I felt he slightly over acted the role towards the end of time part 2. And I felt RTDs writing contributed to that.

How alien he is. I know alot of people have said that, but I really can tell that 11 is an alien. 10 was waaaaayyyy to human. All the little quirks. Especially the way he checks his watch! And his hair is very alien.

Basically, the big bang was Matts best episode of the series. The scene when he was strapped into the pandorica and he was talking to Amy was STUNNINGLY acted!

Roll on Matt Smith. May 11 reign for years to come!

P.S. How different does he look in the pic with short hair!

Doctor Who Series 5 Volume 3 - DVD Cover

Here is the Cover for volume 3!

Cool huh!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Series 5 Finale - My Review

WOW1 WHAT AN AMAZING COUPLE OF EPISODES! The best series finale by a billion miles! A perfect ending to a PERFECT series!

Lets start with ep 12:

I loved the returning characters, a.k.a, Liz Ten and Churchill! And that was before the titles kicked in. The action with River was great (in the prison) and I loved the reference to both star wars and the end of time part 2.

I really felt moffats writing was the best hit's been here, creating suspense easily.
River impersonating Cleopatra was HILARIOUS! And her carving 'Hello Sweetie' in the oldest cliff face in the universe was a paticular highlight. And a very River-y thing to do!
The whole 'stone hendge being built as a marking for the pandorica' was clever! And I also felt The Moff handled the cybermen perfectly. And he made them VERY scary with thier tentacles (a very chilling scene with Amy and the tentacles)

The SFX were STUNNING the spacships in the sky were just... WOW! good enough to be a hollywood movie!
The Aliance was a good idea, and I was worried that moff would not pull it off. But he didn't focus on the various enemues much, which was good.
I don't know who filmed this, but the cinematogropjy needs to be noted. Not only being the best cinematogrophy I've seen in who. But the shots and colour tones really gave this a cinematic feel! FANTASTIC STUFF

And the revelation that the pandorica was built for the doc was a great one! It seems obvious to evreyone now. Yet we never guessed (that is, untill some concept art was released early)

Oh, and RORY RETURNS! YAY! but, he's acctually an auton...

AND THE BEST CLIFFHANGER IN WHO HISTORY! Better than The Stolen Earth cliffhanger. It was a LOOOOOOONNNNG nail biting week!


Now lets move on to ep 13:
A FANTASTIC conclusion! The cliffhanger resolved nicley, with ALOT of Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey stuff going on.

I LOVEED the fact that the ep started the same way ep 1 started. It feally made you feel emotional, (the same way I felt about the Glee Cast doing a reprise of Dont Stop Believing in thier season finale! - Yes, I ama Glee fan, what are you gonna do?)
But, the cliffhanger-y of the Amy in the pandorica was AWESOME! And the interaction between young Pond and old Pond was great! I loved how the doctor calls Amy 'Pond' It's sooo cool! (in a wierd geeky way!)

Amyway, The lone centurion idea almost made me weep with mixed emotions. It really proves just how much Rory loves Amy. And the Fez, perhaps he could wear that again sometime?
The SFX NEEED to be noted as the best SFX. Not just this series, but all 5 and the specials. Truly, the doctor flying into the explosion looked AMAZING!

I have to say though, my favourite moment in the ep. Or maybe this who series, or maybe who history, was River Song making the dalek beg for mercy. (I think I squealed with excitment at that point!)
And the flesh and stone thing was correct. I'm not gonna lie and say I spotted it, because I didn't:(, but, Conngrats to all those who did! I though Matts acting, paticularly when he talked to Amy before he flew into the 'big bang' (another AMAZING scene) was WAAAAAYYYY better than anyting DT could have done (don't go blabbing on, it's just my opinion)
And the idea that the pandorica would restore the earth was an EPIC-Y sort of idea that you would find in an RTD finale. But good news guys, The Moff didn't overuse it.
After all the excitment, our doc goes to visit young Amy (again, congrats to those who spotted him flash by in ep 1) in a really beautiful scene. With some of the best Eleven-y qoutes of this series! The one about we're all stories gave me a lump in my throat.

Then, It was DAY! the stars were back. And I was thinking that suddenly, the doc would burst through the door, pick Amy up and tell her to remember him. But he didn't

We saw Amy's parents, (Agustus! What sort of a name is Augustus Pond?!) But then the wedding was awesome!
The whole stuff about the new, the old, the borrowed, the blue really sums up Doctor Who for me. It's something old, new, borrowed and well....blue!
The doc in wedding gear was again, Hilarious, and him dancing made my 7 year old roll on the floor laughing!

And the river song thing....confidential said we will find out next series! OOOOH, exciting! But River Song left walking around in the 21st Century. We will see her again soon!

My only critism was that in ep 5, River told us about the pandorica, so she couldn't possibly die, ruined it a little bit, but HEY! They ALWAYS survive in the end!

At Christmas we have Egyptian Queen on the space Orient Express! With Amy, and Rory, and the doc. All in wedding gear (and hopefully, a fez!)


It's been a GREAT SERIES!

Weekly Poll - Results

So! Another poll gone! The results are in...

1st was Series 5 with 4 votes (44.4%)

2nd was Series 4 with 3 votes (33.3%)

3rd was Series 2 with 2 votes (22.2%)

This weeks poll is, best ep of series 5! GET VOTING

I'm Back! - Did You Miss Me?


After days of annoyance and frustration, I've finally fixed my laptop! BY MYSELF!!!!!!!!!! Without paying a thing!


So, yeah! BACK ON!


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Sorry Guys - Short absense

Sorry, My Laptop froze (something wrong with my new hardrive) I will get it back tomorrow afternoon!
It's impossible to write posts at the mo, as I am writing this from my Daughters DSi. Which has a slow internet connection and is very slow to type on!
Sorry again. Should be back to normal tomorrow


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Weekly Poll - Results

The results are in.....

1st was The Runaway Bride (surprisingly) with 5 votes ( 45.5%)

Joint 2nd was The Christmas Invasion, Voyage of the Damned and The End of Time Part 1each with 2 votes (18.2%)


This weeks poll is, best series!(by series, that includes the specials. AND series 5)


The Pandorica Opens - Today

YAY! the Penultimate episode of series 5 airs tonight!

We will finally learn who is inside the pandorica! We may see the Zygons! Will this be the first time River Song has met the doctor? How is Rory back? Whats it all got to do with little Amelia? and what 'explosion' caused the crack. And, is the 'big coninuity error' in flesh and stone just a continuity error, or something bigger?


I will have the usual after. The Big Bang trailer (if there is one!), the crack from this ep. My initial review e.c.t e.c.t.! Oh, and a new thing. The Cliffhanger discussion. Where I post how I think a cliffhanger of an ep will be resolved!

Friday, 18 June 2010

The Adventure Games - Winter of Time Synopsis

Here is the synopsis for ep 2 of the adventure games:

The Doctor and Amy materialize in the Arctic - where members of a survey team are turning from flesh to metal and digging something sinister from under the ice that's been waiting thousands of years - an army of Cybermen!

This is your chance to be the Doctor.
Are you ready for the challenge?


Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Pandorica Opens - Two New (Not Too) Revealing Pics

Here are two more unseen pics from saturdays episode!

the doc gets electrocuted (yet again - lol)

YAY! Looks set to be an AMAZING ep!

The Pandorica Opens - ThirtyTeasers !

Here are a MASSIVE thirty Spoliers for ep 12! The first twenty from SFX. The last ten from digital spy:

1 Steven Moffat’s on top form with a brilliantly crafted episode – the perfect start to a two-parter.
2 The Doctor and Amy visit the oldest planet in the universe, where the first words in history have a familiar ring to them.
3 The stakes are every bit as high as in an RTD season finale.
4 Characters from earlier in the series make surprise appearances before the opening titles – and we’re not just talking about the series recap.
5 There’s something funny going on at Stonehenge.
6 If you thought “The Lodger” looked like a money-saving episode, you soon realise where all that spare cash went.
7 There’s a scene in a bar rather reminiscent of the Star Wars cantina.
8 There’s an armada of alien spacecraft.
9 The Doctor gets to deliver one of his “Get out of here!” speeches.
10 There’s a brilliant scare involving a human skull.
11 You could market an entire range of action figures on the back of this episode alone.
12 Amy’s engagement ring is crucial.
13 It’ll make you want to go back and watch the whole series again.
14 Someone other than the Doctor pilots the TARDIS.
15 The Doctor and Amy face a foe reminiscent of fembots.
16 There’s a fantastic nod to The Thing.
17 The Pandorica does indeed open.
18 It also closes.
19 The episode ends in a cliffhanger so devilish that it seems utterly inescapable. It’s going to be a very, very long week.
20 26 June 2010 is a very important date indeed – and not just because it’s the day of the series finale

1. Hello sweetie writ large. Literally.

2. "This is royal collection and I'm the ****** *****!

3. Cleopatra's comin' atcha!

4. Drahvins, Zygons, Draconians, oh my!

5. A nifty new Cyber-feature is revealed.

6. An unlikely alliance is formed.

7. The Pandorica opens. And closes.

8. We finally find out where those pesky cracks are coming from.

9. Death. A whole lot more death than you probably anticipated.

10. But don't despair, the last word of the episode is "love".

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My First Disaster

AARRRGHHH! I am soo sorry to all the people waiting for my next episode to be released on saturday! But, my comp overheated overnight and crashed. Today, I took it to PC WORLD and they put in a new harddrive (at some cost!) but, I unfortunatly forgot to save Firewater to an external hard drive! Which means I am going to have to re - write it! I obviously won't get it done by Saturday, but, I will try my best to get it to you by The Big Bang!

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Look Who's Back!

RORY! YAY! He's back!

The finale is getting soooo nail-bitingly anticipated by me! Can't wait

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Pandorica Opens - New Promo Pic

YAY! Weevils (my fav torchwood monstor) AND Silurians! Lets hope Steven Moffat comes up with a storyline that doesn't go OTT! I think that these monstors won't be the main threat, else they wouldn't have revealed it in the next time trailer!

Monday, 14 June 2010

My Series Episode 2 - Press Release

O.K, as this episode will be released on Saturday (I have just finished writingn it)
This is a press release for it!

After the events on Enjongia. Amy decides The Doctor needs to calm down. Trying to take the TARDIS to a moon spa on Saturn, The TARDIS mysteriously flies of course, and lands in London, 1666. But why?

A stay with the delightful Mr Dakes on Pudding Lane throws The Doctor and Amy into an alien plot to burn down the Earth.

Theres Some strange voices coming from the local bakery. And Thomas Farynor doesn't seem as he used to be. And when The Doctor goes missing it's up to Amy to sort things out. Before it's too late.

The Doctor and Amy's adventure continues in the second episode of Gregs Series. To be released This Saturday at 8:00 PM.

And, here is the opening scene from the script, with it's usual pre-credits cliffhanger!:


The quiet street that is pudding lane. Words on the screen, PUDDING LANE, AUGUST 1666

Old, Elizabethan houses run down it. CAMERA closes up on a particular house. Along the top of it’s front windows is a large sign. Painted on. In big letters: FARYNOR BAKERY.


A small bakery. Large brick oven in the centre. A man, mid thirties, THOMAS FAYNOR is rolling out bread. He hums to himself. Keeping himself cheerful. He finishes rolling out the bread. And starts to leave the room when something makes him stop. Voices can be heard from the room next to him.

FARYNOR listens, does he recognise the voices? He doesn’t seem to. Slowly, he picks up a rolling pin, and heads for the door. The whispering carries on.


Hello? Is Anyone there?

FARYNOR doesn’t get an answer, but the voices don’t stop. He carries on heading for the door. Scared now, he knows that he’s taking a risk. Yet he still goes for it! The voices are louder than ever at the door. FARYNOR sums up the courage, and BANG!

He slams the door open. Nothing there. Just an empty room, with a chair sitting next to a roaring fireplace. FARYNOR looks around in confusion. He was sure he heard something.

He walks out of the room and heads off.



FARYNOR is in bed, in his nightclothes. He blows out a candle so he is in complete darkness. Then, another voice is heard. Coming from a large wardrobe in the corner. FARYNOR looks annoyed.

Oh not this again...

FARYNOR gets out of bed and lights a candle. He walks to the wardrobe and slowly creaks it open. Nothing there.

Right, that’s it Thomas. Stop letting your mind play tricks on you.

FARYNOR does a final check inside the wardrobe. Then, he blows the candle out again...


A screeching noise. Like something is attacking it;s pray. All in total darkness. Nothing to see. But the screams of FARYNOR are heard. And as he screams. A harsh laugh overpowers it.


The Lodger - AI

The Apreciation Index for ep 11 was 87 out of 100!

which is joint highest with ep 1 as the most loved ep so far!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

RTD Loves Series 5

Old news, but this makes me smile:

Russell T Davies has praised the new series of Doctor Who stating “he loves it” and says he watches episodes of the new series every Saturday on DVD - as the new production team behind the series send them to him in Los Angeles. Davies was being interviewed by BBC News about the return of Torchwood - which was announced earlier this week - but predictably the questions moved onto Doctor Who. The former executive producer and head writer of Who heaped praise on current stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.

“Matt Smith and Karen Gillian..what a glorious new age..the show will never die” - Russell T Davies on BBC News

I always wondered what RTD thought of series 5. If he watched it.

The Lodger - Overnight Ratings

Footbal, how do I hate thee, let me count the ways...

I HATE FOOTBALL! It made the UK tune into that rather than the fantasitc 'The Lodger' seeing as I had no idea about the world cup until thursday, I was expecting loads of viewers... 4.6 million tuned in!
Not good ratings, but I am sure that LOADS of people recorded it and LOADS of people will watch it on BBC Iplayer. And it's unlucky that England was playing yesterday. I'm certain next week we will get LOADS more viewers!

Did I mention, I hate football?

Is This the Acctual TARDIS exterior ?

In yesterdays ep, we saw this:

Id this what the TARDIS looks ike on the outside without the chamelion circuit on?

The Lodger - Crack in Time

Here is the crack from this episode:


The Pandorica Opens - Trailers

Two trailers this time:

next time:

BBC Exclusive Trailer:


The Lodger - My Review

A great episode tonight! Not the best this series, but still, a fantastic way to spend 45 minuites.
The things I liked about this episode was the mix between scary and funny. My daughter and I were definetly chilled when that passer by was lured into the upstairs.
The reason for The Doctor leaving Amy behind was good, and It was all to do with the time loop going on on Aikman Rd.
I felt the episode was a little different, but that was expected. I also liked The Doctor playing match maker again. Craig and Sophie were a really beliievable couple. and I kind of whooped with joy when they kissed. I must congratulate smithy (james corden) as Craig Owens. He was really believable in the roll. And i'm sure many people can relate to him.

The whole stuff inbetween the monstor (which I will talk about later) was awesome!
The omlette was hilarious, as was the doctor intruding craig and sophies 'breaking the ice' conversation. The Doctor in the shower was pretty funny, although the bit where he dropped his towel (don't worry, you don't see anything) made me groan out of cliche!

The monstor was very cconfusing, when we realised that upstairs was a TARDIS, does this mean that a time lord is still here. He's been trying to build a TARDIS. (maybe this shows he isn't one. As TARDIS's are grown) But I still don't get what the monstor was. From what I got, it sounded alot like the clockwork men from the girl in the fireplace. And when we got to see the the house once the TARDIS had gone, did it not look extremley out of place and wierd. I have never seen a bungalow/terrace before.

I was glad that Amy was in it more than I thought she'd be! The Doctor and Amy's conversation was great and the dynamic between the two charcters are great!

Overall, a very solid episode. Funny and chilling, despite the monstor revalation. And Amy with the ring.... whats gonna happen?



Friday, 11 June 2010

Gareth Roberts - Interview

SFX have published a interesting interview with Gareth Roberts who wrote the lodger:

“The Lodger”, many people may not know, is actually based on one of your own Doctor Who Magazine comic strips, so for people who have read that story will there be anything new in this episode?

They can expect quite a lot that’s new really. The comic strip was written for completely different characters, it was David as the Doctor and Mickey, who the Doctor already had a history with, playing with him, so this is a completely different situation. Obviously Matt is now the Doctor and Craig, played by James Corden, has no pre-knowledge of the Doctor at all so we’re starting from a very different place. In that comic book it’s only eight pages long and the domestic set-up is at the heart of it, whereas in the TV version there’s something at the top of the stairs which is completely new and different from what was there before.

How did you approach writing for a different Doctor? Did you get a chance to see Matt Smith in action before writing the script?

Not all that differently. Basically the Doctor says the same kind of things, it’s the way he says them that’s different I think. When I first starting writing scripts for the eleventh Doctor Matt hadn’t been cast, so I was taking my lead from what Steven had written in “The Eleventh Hour” and the Weeping Angels two-parter, which he had written by that point. I was following on from that, so actually the voice I was hearing when writing that script was completely different to Matt’s voice anyway. It’s quite odd when you see matt in action you think all the lines are as written, they didn’t change at all, but they came across in a completely different way, so I think the actor brings an enormous amount to it – what they can emphasise, how they’re going to play it. So it was different, particularly when I came to do this because this is a situation I think the previous Doctor would have treated in a completely different way, as he does in that comic strip version. David has a neatness and perfection about him whereas Matt tackles it in more of a roundabout elusive way, so those were the major changes I made when writing for a different Doctor.

Had you always wanted to expand the story into a full episode or was it an idea that Steven Moffat approached you with?

Well, funnily enough, it was an idea I’d had years and years ago and I’d never actually mentioned it to Russell as a TV version. I just did it as a comic strip because people seemed to like the idea, but Steven certainly liked it. I remember just after he’d taken the job and signed on the dotted line virtually the first thing he said to me was, “let’s do that” because he really liked it. I think also one of the things I liked about Doctor Who when I was younger, much younger, were the parts with the everyday world. I think in the ’80s when I was watching I would long to see extraordinary things happening to ordinary people, but they often weren’t. It was often very, very far flung. I remember in the final ’80s story “Survival”, when they were on Earth and there were signs flashing open and closed and things like that, I found that so evocative and such an exciting area to go into. The very idea that The Doctor’s crazy science fiction world, these strange interplanetary sagas, relates to our world as well. Which is something that was there from the very beginning, but they lost it pretty quickly and I think it’s something we should always keep up. It’s very welcoming and brings people in. They can understand and imagine the Doctor being right outside their house, which is a great thing.

Did you have any difficulties adapting one of your previous works?

Normal difficulties, but I didn’t really think of it as an adaptation. When we decided to do it I went away and read the comic strip again and then I plotted out, using the basics of the scenario, a completely different set of events. So I had all the difficulties you would always have with a script, which is keeping the pace up, keeping the Doctor central, making the dialogue good enough, making sure you don’t go into a long scene about nothing, making sure the exposition comes across quickly. Those are normal worries on Doctor Who. The thing about Doctor Who is every script throws up a problem no one’s ever had before, because they’re all so completely different. Russell used to say this too, you could say “oh I’ll do an Agatha Christie story” but no one’s ever done one of those before, so that throws up a whole new set of problems. No one’s ever done “the Doctor has to live an ordinary suburban life” so that throws up a whole different set of problems. Because the series is so wildly varied in the format compared to any other series on TV you don’t have those usual things to fall back on. In The Sarah Jane Adventures there are certain constants, in Doctor Who there are no constants so every script is a completely unique challenge.

Was there anything you had to drop that you wish could have been in there?

Not really, I think everything carried over very neatly that I wanted to take from it. I’m really happy with it and I hope everyone else likes it. Obviously this was my idea from the start whereas some others were ones that were put in front of me, so though I really enjoyed those scripts and I thought they came across pretty well, this one feels more personal to me because it was an idea I’d had for a very long time.

Were you given any guidelines or advice for writing under Steven Moffat as opposed to Russell T Davies?
Not really, I think Steven explains it best. Their feeling was we couldn’t do the same thing as Russell did because the series has moved on and the world has moved on. And I think if it had gone the other way, if Steven had done the first 4 years and Russell was coming in now it would be almost the same kind of difference you’re seeing now because Russell’s job was to sell the series from scratch to a whole new generation of viewers and Steven’s come in to sustain the success. I think what Steven was saying was because Doctor Who had changed the TV landscape, because of the success Russell had with it, he didn’t need to be quite so conscious that people wouldn’t believe in it at all. Russell had to really, really sell the concept of Doctor Who and now that’s kind of accepted back into the mainstream there’s not that lingering prejudice that there was when people would laugh in the ’90s. It was a thing that was old and wasn’t coming back and was a bit shaky. We’ve got rid of that now, Russell got rid of that, so with Steven I think we can push it further in other directions, but not in a completely different way. It’s all about sustaining and carrying on the good work really, with a lot of new input coming in.

How much did James Corden bring to it being a writer himself, did he play around with your lines at all?
He brought a great deal. The part is one of those things you really need a great actor for because it’s really a thankless role. He’s sort of an everyman because he’s a normal guy, that’s the whole premise of the episode. He is probably the most normal person in the world living with the most extraordinary person in the universe, so what James has done with that is to give a great deal of humanity. His reactions and things like that, his timing is just brilliant, every reaction you want from him you get. Plus when you’re dealing with an actress like James or Catherine Tate for example, you write the line, and it’s pretty good, but then they come and sparkly their magic over it. What he’s done is one of those profound mysteries that those of us who don’t act can’t quite understand. Taking the character on the page, which is quite bland in a way, but purposely bland, and making him not boring. He didn’t play round with the lines at all though, that doesn’t really happen on Doctor Who. I met James Corden at a readthrough and he really seemed to love the script so we just don’t do that. And I don’t think he wanted to.

Did the football scene survive from the comic because of Matt Smith’s talent on the pitch?

Well again I knew that Matt was a footballer but the football scene was always going to be carried over from the comic. It sort of amused me vaguely, but the very fact that I had that idea for David, who isn’t a footballer as far as I’m aware, means it wasn’t wedded to him as an actor. And now the whole World Cup thing has come into it as well. But believe me, I know nothing about football, so when somebody said “oh, you’re going to go out on the day of the first England game” it was a happy accident. I know absolutely nothing about football, I had to have the script editor tell me how many people should be on the team, things like that. But what I wanted to get over was normality, that normal, lovable guy. And that’s not what I am either. I’m much more like the Doctor to be fair. But I couldn’t win the match!

Can you tell us if you’ll be back for the sixth season, or anything about your episodes in the new season of Sarah Jane?

I can’t tell you anything about the new season of Doctor Who, but I can tell you a little about Sarah Jane. One of the episodes I’m writing solo and that’s a very, very creepy story with I think one of the best monsters that the team have ever, ever done. On Sarah Jane’s budget it’s quite remarkable, when I first saw them I was bowled over, they’re just incredible. And the second one I’ve done with Craig Nixon, who you may know was the editor of DWM a few years ago, and that one is the series finale. I can’t say much about it but what I will say somebody turns up, somebody we’ve never seen before, so don’t read anything into that. The thing that we’re really pleased about is it’s a proper old fashioned ’70s/ ’80s season finale which, for various reasons, we haven’t really been able to do on Sarah Jane before, but this is a really full blooded scary season finale.

Today Is The Lodger

At 6.45 tonight on BBCONE and BBCHD, the 11th episode will air.
I am noot expecting this ep to be at the level of series 5 we've had in the past 5 weeks, but i'm sure it will be a great addition to the series.
James Corden (SMITHY!) is going to be great as Craig and as well as funny, this ep looks kinda creepy aswell!
I will have all the usual, the crack in time, my instant review and the trailer for next weeks ep (which is going to be flipping EPIC)

Can't wait!

Weekly Poll - Results

The results for this weeks poll are in!

1st Was the waters of mars and the end of timr part II with 3 votes each (43% each)

2nd was Planet of the Dead with 1 vote (14%)

There was no third place

This weeks poll is favourite Christmas Special -


Google - New Background

What surprise when I found this when I opened up google!

That is just AMAZING! I now enjoy opening up google! THANK YOU GOOGLE! YAY!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

My New Blog

Hey guys! If your interested, I have a new blog up! It isn't related to Doctor Who, but I guess that someone can't just like doctor who!

My New Blog is called The Film Blog. I will update it each day with a review of a film. Each week will see me taking on a different genre or theme.
This weeks is Disney!
PLZ check it out - HERE! (I will be reviewing Mary Poppins this week. SCARY MARY! - sorry if I put that terrifying utube video back into your heads - lol

Lack Of Updates

So sorry, but my life have been all over the place for the past two days!
I will get better! I PROMISE!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Cold Blood - Official Viewing Figures

Cold Blood gained final ratings of 7.49 million viewers!
This is much higher than last eps official figures. So this is great news. Doctor Who was 8th most watched for the week. Only behind episodes of Corination Street and Eastenders and the rubbishy (with rubbishy winners) BTG

Lets hope the ratings rise!

Monday, 7 June 2010

My Series Episode 4 - Promo Image

Here is my promo image for ep 4 of my series, tell me what you think:

Oh and thanks to the support and feedback from first ep (which can be read below)

Sunday, 6 June 2010


Lets see if this works:

Doctor Who Valley of the Deep

PLZ! Tell me what u think

Valley of the Deep - 10 Teasers

So, after looking through ep 1 of my new series, I have decided to make ten teasers for this ep, I will do this for each ep. I am halfway through ep 2 still, I will release the teasers for that after I've read through it:

1- Amy: cool, s**** s***** the doctor: now Amy, **** b* **de

2- Shakespeare should be satisfied with one of the charcters if he still were alive.

3- The Doctor says geronimo, Amy says Tallyho!

4- Sometimes, the king of the faries can turn against you.

5-what's the size of a double decker bus, and lurks at the bottom of the valley?

6- Maryae has a sort of prophecy for the doctor.

7- Some familier robots from series 1 will make an important appearence.

8- the doctor: that noise, it's the sound the *x**** **B* makes when it *u** *** of ***

9- The TARDIS gets quite battered at one point

10-Sometimes, the doctor can't save planets

I hope these are o.k. And I hope they keep you guessing about the ep. untill it's release. I want to hear your thoughts about what the teasers could mean...

Vincent and the Doctor - Overnight Ratings

Vincent and The Doctor aceived 5 million viewers last night. IMO it's not very good that Doctor Who is getting poor ratings. It shouhld have been alot better. And with the episode being the best historical ep ever in my mind... it should have been up there in the 7 millions. Oh well, the offical ratings should be much more!

Lousy Britains got talent: The final, only got 12 million viewers (I know. A LOT of people) but last year it was twenty million people! I'm glad almost half last years amount decided not to watch it. I heared the acroabt group one. Then I searched it in utube. They weren't good enough to be a winner. Terrible...

Anyway. I am sure that next weeks ep will get alot more viewers than usual cause it has Smithy! And any one who watches Gavin and Stacey will want to see this one!
My anticipstion for this ep is rising constantly. It's going to be FAB!

Vincent and the Doctor - Crack in Time

Here is the crack in ep 10:

Credit for finding it goes to 10th Planet from Life Doctor Who and Combom but, It's a very good find!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Vincent and the Doctor - My Second Review

O.K , so I know I've already done a review but after watching it for the second time. I seem to have had someone come into my mind and twist it to change my reaction to this episode.
Call me over reactive (yet again, the third time this series) but it seemed (like I'm suure loads of people agree) to be the gem of the series thus far. Which makes it on par with cold blood. I didn't think it was the best ep of who. And after watching cold blood again, I don't think that is either. So now, cold blood wasn't my favourite ep of who ever! Amy's Choice still is.
But, Vincent and the Doctor is deffinelty a second! During my second viewing I cried twice. TWICE! And I'm a grown man who had already seen it before.
If your wondering, I cried when Vincent saw his paintings. And, when they were lying together on the ground, looking at the sky. Which, may I say, is possibly the greatest scene EVER! In who history! It was pure magic! The little hand grasp between Amy and Vincent was lovley! And where do I begin with the sky. When it turned into the starry night. Along with Vincents description of the sky. I was in bawls of tears. A chillingly beautiful scene!

So, I conclude. This episode IS then gem of the series. Even though I like Amy's Choice more, I think this is the best ep of the series, but not better than Amy's Choice. I'm soooo confusing, You guys probably know what I mean.
If you thought the episode was great! but not AMAZING! I think you should watch it again (like I did) and try to really take in the atmosphere. (o.k, I sound like an obsessed school teacher - I'll stop now)

9.5/10 ( The only reason i'm not giving it 10 is cause I don't want to seem over reactive)

p.s, I no I made comments about the BIG continuity error concerning night time and day time. But I think it's got something to do with eps 12 and 13. We'll see!

Weekly Poll - Results

The results of this weeks poll are in!

1st Jouneys End with 4 Votes ( 26.7%)

2nd Midnight and Slience in the Library with 3 votes each (20%)

3rd Turn Left with 2 Votes (13.3%)

This weeks poll is best special, get voting!

The Lodger - Next Time

Here is the next time trailer for ep 11:

This looks rather chilling acctually! And fuuny! I bet It'll be AWESOME! It has SMITHY!!!

Vincent and The Doctor - My Review

SOOOO! Another epsode down. 3 to go...

Anyway onto the ep. I loved this ep. Not as much as the last 2. But it was a great episode non the less. I agree with the reviews that this was a charcter episode and I liked that quality in it. It was different, it had a VERY different feel to it. I think the BBC took a gamble with this ep. It paid off. But not amazingly.

The monstor was Pretty good. The CGI in the chase scene was poorish. But, in the church it was alot better! And I loved the depth to the monstor and the fact that it wasn't acctually trying to kill evreyone. I felt so sorry for it in the end.

The relationship between Amy and Vincent was awesome! I loved every second of the screen time between the two. Even the small things. Like when Vincent was painting the church at auvers. Amy stood by him always. And the whole. 'Ultimate Ging' was great. I think it was a sort of 'take that complainers' add in there.

For me the episode had a sort of structure in how much I liked it:

begining (from the start, up to the chase scene)- good.

middle (the chase scene up to the killing of the monstor- the griface of something) Great

Ending (the killing, up to the end) FAN - bloody -TASTIC!!!! :)

It sort of had a 'get better as we go along' feel to it. Yes, I loved the ending. It was so awesome!
My Dad being an artist, he was weeping at the bit where Vincent see's his work. The look on his face was just so emotional! And, my dad was also in tears when they all held hands and looked up at the sky! And just to say, I thought chances fitted perfectly with the scene.

Now, I've had a big wave of positives, now to some negatives. (Which this ep did have)

Despite the amazing ending. I think the cheesy music when Amy saw the sunflowers was a bit overwhelming and could have been more subtle.

Some of the jokes failed. The one about the doctor still fighting the monstor when it had already gone was just cringworthy for me. My dad laughed, but, it's his first time watching who. And his sense of humor isn't exactly evreyone elses.

There were some wierd changes in pace that didn't help. And, how long was the doctor in the TARDIS, when it suddenly jumped from night to day.

The acting was extremley impressive in this ep. Most noteablly Tony Curran (Van Gogh) in the ending scene! Matt continues to take the roll in his stride. (He's begining to overtake David as my number 1 doc), Karen was superb, especially in the scenes between her and Vincent. And also Bill -flippin - Nighy! had me in stitches in the bow tie bit!

Overall a solid ep. And, It taught my kids heaps about Van Gogh. They're now bugging me to take them to the musee d'orsay. And I am sure that a surge of Van Gogh popularity will begin after this one.
just as strong as ep 6 imo! Better than ep 3, 2 and 1!


Vincent and the Doctor - Today

ep 10 of series 5 is today!

I am looking foreward to this ep despite mixed reviews...

I should haeve all the usual, next weeks trailer, My imediate review, the crack in this ep. I will also have a picture of the monstor up!

Friday, 4 June 2010

Doctor Who Series 5 Volume - DVD Cover

Here is the official DVD cover for series 5 Volume 2:

I love this cover! I think it's better than the volume 1 cover.And can I say that. The design for the covers (the floor of the TARDIS) Is much better than series 2's broken glass, series 3's old TARDIS floor, and series 4's TARDIS pillars!

One question, why is Amy wearing her finale clothes. You'd think she's be wearing her Time of angles/Flesh and Stone gear... oh well. And to all those male fans, some slight dissapointment in that Amy will be wearing trousers for the finale

Vincent and the Doctor - Total Sci Fi Review

um... even more negative than the beehive city review:

Doctor Who: Vincent and the Doctor

TV episode review
UK airdate 5 June 2010 (BBC One)

The Doctor and Amy travel back in time to discover just why the world’s greatest painter has drawn a monster in one of his masterpieces…

When Richard Curtis was first announced as a writer for this season of Doctor Who, I confess to feeling very excited. After all, the co-writer of Blackadder was bound to offer a historical story full of wit, sophisticated ideas and quotable dialogue…

Sadly Richard Curtis no longer seems to be the man who had a hand in writing Rowan Atkinson’s dry put-downs and twisting comedic plots that still prompt guffaws to this day. The Richard Curtis currently working is the fellow who delivered mainstream sentimental mawkishness like Love, Actually and the laughter-free zone that was The Boat that Rocked.

Much like previous historical encounters such as The Unquiet Dead and The Unicorn and the Wasp, the story features aliens menacing a historical figure. This time it’s Vincent Van Gogh, and much like Charles Dickens and Agatha Christie in those earlier episodes, he’s concerned with how his work will be remembered. It’s old, tired ground that was dealt with much better in The Unquiet Dead, where Simon Callow convincingly portrayed Dickens’ understated sense of pride and redemption as the Doctor told him that his works will live forever. If Curtis is wondering how his episode of Doctor Who will be recalled in years to come, the likely answer is: “Like the other historicals, only nowhere near as good.”

Curtis should be playing to his earlier strengths here; perhaps offering a modern equivalent to the work of Dennis Spooner (the man behind classic series stories The Romans and The Time Meddler, among many others), who managed to write very funny episodes that contained enough excitement and menace to keep the drama moving forward. Yet there aren’t even many laughs in Vincent and The Doctor, which is disappointing given the writer’s comedy credentials. What is does have is the sentimentality of the worst of his output.

Doctor Who is a show that lives or dies on the strength of its monsters, and thankfully we do at least get a good one this time around. The often invisible creature from this episode is very effective despite its fleeting appearances and a shaky back-story (it’s a brutal hunter that we are supposed to sympathise with later in the tale).

However, a huge missed opportunity is evident in the pre-credits teaser as the cornfields shift as the unseen creature moves across the landscape. Surely there should have been a scene in which the heroes are stalked by the unseen menace as the corn moves? Instead, we get a poorly staged sequence in which the Doctor joins in the fight against the creature that he can’t see. Despite Vincent facing the beast head-on, the Doctor is waving his weapon elsewhere. It doesn’t make sense, isn’t funny and takes away from the terror of facing up to an unknown horror.

A major plus is Tony Curran as Van Gogh. Resisting the urge to deliver a broad performance, Curran is by far the best thing about this story as he plays out the complexities of the troubled artist perfectly. His gentle flirtation with Amy is both amusing and playful (though less amusing and playful when you consider that Van Gogh was suffering with syphilis at the time this story is set). His power to see things that others can’t is a major plot point in the story, but goes unexplained… for now.

A well-publicised, if brief, cameo from Bill Nighy adds little to the overall story, other than to replicate the “bow ties are cool” shtick and offer a brief, unsubstantial explanation as to why the artist is seen as such an important figure.

A weird sequence that feels like some sort of LSD experience is the most out of place thing in the episode… until, that is, the music of Athlete signals an emotional part of the story is approaching and you might want to reach for a hanky. With the plot resolved 10 minutes before the end, there’s just enough time for a truly horrible extended sequence that seemingly refuses to stop until at least somebody in the audience cries. Somebody should have remembered how The Unquiet Dead conveyed exactly the same sentiment with brief, well written dialogue.

If the Fourth Doctor saw Vincent and the Doctor, he’d write “This is a fake” on every canvas… Jonathan Wilkins


OKKAAYY! Maybe these people don't like emotional stories, but they clearly are not fond on the charcter focus in this ep more than on the monstor focus. So what if theres tewn minuites of emotional character plot at the end... It dosn't matter! I really hope this is a great story like I think it will be. It's a pity coz I sually agree with total sci fi. But I guess evrey site has it's duff review

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Vincent and the Doctor - Beehive City Review

Here is beehive citys review of ep 10:

Doctor Who

Vincent and The Doctor

BBC One (&HD), Saturday June 5th, 6.40pm

Rating: ***

“They travel in space, they travel as packs scavenging across the universe – sometimes one of them gets left behind and because they are a brutal race the others never come back, so, dotted all around the universe are individual, utterly merciless, utterly abandoned [insert name of monster], and what they do is, well kill until they’re killed, which they usual aren’t because other creatures can’t see them.”

People have been dying on the streets of Provence and everyone’s blaming Vincent Van Gogh, “You bring this on us, your madness … you!” He’s mad (or a genius) and he’s in the last months of his life … but what is it that he can see that no one else (including the Doctor and Amy) can?

Back in modern day Paris our time-travelling duo are living it up at the Musee d’Orsay, but as always, they can never just have a normal day out. The Doctor spots something odd in The Church at Auveres, “I know evil when I see it, and I see it in that window.” After asking the tour guide, Bill Nighy (yes, this is a Richard Curtis script), when the masterpiece was created The Doctor whisks them off to 1890 Provence, “Art can wait, this is life and death, we need to talk to Vincent Van Gogh.”

Cue a quite bizarre episode of Doctor Who. There’s the traditional alien storyline which lasts about twenty-five minutes followed by fifteen minutes of pure Richard Curtis licence to kill cheese which has little or no relation to anything (but is crowbarred in with a vague nod in the direction of ‘we can’t change time’ and all that jazz.)

The primary episode revolves around Vincent’s demons which are rather clunkily exposed through another very alone and tortured creature, this alien that is reaping havoc in Provence. The Doctor is only able to see the creature through a Heath Robinson rear view mirror contraption which recognises him (as Wiliam Hartnell then Patrick Troughton, ho ho) before delivering the following data on our monster:

I can see it, but can you?
Planet of origin:
Social Structure:
Nomadic pack animals
Strict dominance hierarchy
Huge territories, several solar systems wide
Preferred habitats:
Planets with oxygen and nitrogen based atmospheres

Any ideas?

Well whatever this thing is, it chases the doctor around, and he can only see it in his rear mirror – and although the setting is different you cannot help but feel Jurassic Park is lurking somewhere on Mr Curtis’s Sky + box at home.
The culmination of all this is a lot more chasing and running and fighting in and around The Church at Auveres.
“We’re in a unique position today my friend, to end this reign of terror – so, feel like painting the church today?”

But just as it looks like things might have been resolved, you look at your watch … there’s still a quarter of an hour left of the show … what’s going to happen now?

Richard Curtis takes us into pathos overdrive, that’s what happens. The scales fall from our characters eyes and they see the world the way that Vincent does, the sky becomes awash with his colours. The Doctor: “I’ve seen many things my friend, but nothing quite as wonderful as the things you see.” But it gets worse …

Not satisfied with this saccharine coated moment, Curtis releases onion fumes into the front room with a musical montage that will definitely have your mum inconsolable. Middle of the road indie stars Athlete (presumably Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars is exclusively licensed to The X-Factor) are thrown the soundtrack and Chances begins to play as Vincent steps out of the Tardis into modern day Paris. There is no need for words, Vincent (played by Tony Curran) sees that he is appreciated, Bill Nighy seconds that thought with a short eulogy dedicated to the great man …

You want some art with your cheese this week?
Even The Doctor chips in with some pretty corny pseudo-philosophy, “The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things … the good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa the bad things don’t always spoil the good things and make them unimportant … and we definitely added to his pile of good things.”

… this is Notting Hill, this is Love Actually, this is … not Doctor Who …

I was worried that the producers would give Curtis enough rope to hang himself on this episode, and in my opinion, he did.

It’s touching, and at times scary(ish) although I wouldn’t give it much more than ‘five out of peril’ at its peak. There are nice flourishes within the script, some OK jokes and an interesting (if somewhat preaching) theme that underlies the show. However, I stick to my original argument that this was not Curtis’s time. It is not really even a criticism of Curtis, who I believe is a fine writer in his field, I just don’t think this should happen here and now. We are so close to the end of the series and things are getting very exciting … all that this stand alone ‘experimental’ episode has done is detract from the big finale.

I’m aware that we need some light relief from time to time after, especially after the intensity of the latest double header … but this wasn’t it …

Can time be changed? This episode asks the question, and maybe the BBC producers will ask the same question when they get feedback on this episode.

Just to let evreyone know before juumping to conlusions,this reviewer hates Richard Curtis (very strongly apparently) according to comments on the site, so I shouldn't Take this review into account. Also, I love the song chances. So, im kind of happy about that! Evrey other review i've read has given this ep praise so...

The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang - Cast's thoughts.

CBBC's Newsround website has updated with some news regarding the upcoming series 5 finale!:

Doctor Who actress Karen Gillan has given a few hints of what fans can expect from the big finale of the fifth series.

Karen, who plays assistant Any Pond, said it was a weepy one and that "tissues" would be needed.

When asked to give more clues, she added: "I'm going to say the word 'horses' and that's it."

Then executive producer Piers Wenger said: "I'm going to say the word 'helmets'".

Karen went on to say what the hardest episode of filming the finale was. "The second part of the finale was the most difficult because it's a big climax for Amy and her story that's been building throughout the series," she said.

"And it just required a lot of kind of concentration and emotion."

So while there's not a HUGE amount to go on, fans will be wondering what all these titbits might mean.

Amy and Piers Wenger were talking at a special screening of Saturday's episode, called Vincent and the Doctor.

It sees the Doctor and Amy meet one of the world's most famous artists, Vincent Van Gogh, who lived in the 1800s. The episode was penned by famous film and TV writer Richard Curtis, who wrote Love Actually and loads of hit TV shows.

Piers Wenger said it was "one of the most astonishing episodes of Doctor Who certainly I've been involved in - probably one of the most important episodes ever made".

It's a little bit reasurring to see that it looks great! But the fact that Karen Gillan is doing series 6, kinda makes me feel underwhelmed by the whole ' what's gonna happen to Amy' thing. Guys, she's deffinetly coming back!

The Pandorica Opens - Synopsis

The BBC have released the official synopsis for ep 12:

The Doctor's friends unite to send him a terrible warning; the Pandorica – which is said to contain the most feared being in all the cosmos – is opening, as the time travelling drama continues. But what's inside, and can the Doctor stop it?
The Pandorica Opens is written by Steven Moffat and stars Matt Smith as the Doctor and Karen Gillan as Amy Pond.

am not sure I am gonna like this ep. But I am prepared to be surprised!

City of the Daleks - Glitch

Yep, I have found a glitch! Towards the end, when you play as Amy and you need to put the blinder thing inside the Dalek Emperor. Before you enter the room turn directly to the right and walk forewards. Amy will fall down a level, through the floor. And she will be in the visuisar room! Once here you can walk about. and the plants won't snap at you. And the Daleks have no green light, so they can't shoot you. They don't even notice you! Sadly I don't have a video but... to get back up go back into the visulisar room and examine the control panel underneath the big eye. Suddenly the doctor will appear, and the scene replays (the one where you make the blinder thing) and you play from there!

Vincent and the Doctor - 25 Teasers!

A MASSIVE 25 teasers for ep 10!

1. “Arcadia, The Trojan Gardens, now this?”

2. “He’s drunk, he’s mad and he never pays his bills.” Vincent is a popular chap.

3. The Doctor doesn’t know three things and one of them is about Miss Pond.

4. Speaking of Miss Pond, she’s from Holland you know.

5. It’s not very good news when a murder occurs.

6. “What is it with you and the ****c*?”
'what is it with you and the crack?

7. That useless, embarrassing present from a godmother with two heads and bad breath is actually quite useful.

8. It’s a parrot. No wait, it’s a polar bear. Is it?
Amy on seeing the monstor for the first time

9. Vincent can hear the song of Amy’s sadness. #
He can feel the loss of Rory.

10. “If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s an unpunctual ****n *t****.”

11. Sssh. You need to whisper in the confessions box.
When hiding from the monstor. 'can you breath a little quiter please' ' NO!'

12. That song may just make you shed a tear or two.

13. Just who or what could be The Ultimate Ging.

14 In some ways it’s the most unusual Doctor Who ever episode ever – never has the show been less plot-lead and more character-led
Apparently, Amy and Vincent have an extremley close relationship. Almost a romantic one. But not... Vincent apparently has a deep connection with Amy

15 It’s very, very emotional at times

16 Anyone expecting an out-and-out comedy from Richard Curtis will be surprised. This is about Van Gogh – it doesn’t shy away from depression and suicide. If anything, the episode is quite melancholy

17 The opening scene is a blinder

18 An ongoing gag about the TARDIS’s abilities won’t make any sense to people who don’t know the show inside-out

19 Objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are

20 There’s a glorious visual reference to the painting “Starry Night”

21 The Doctor makes a slip of the tongue

22 There’s some mutual sartorial appreciation going on

23 There’s a major story element that some will decry as a massive plot hole and others will embrace on a metaphorical level
Another 'future Doctor' like in ep 5. Or maybe something to do with Van Goghs death... Or (this is very far fetched) He's related to Amy, (could happen. Ginger, scottish accent, and he has a deep connection with Amy throughout this ep)

24 The TARDIS is redecorated
time to make the TARDIS look Van Gogh - y!

25 Two former Doctors make an unexpected appearance (for one of them it’s their third appearance this year)
Ones William Hartnell! Hes been in it twice before

100 posts !

YAY! My 100th Post on this blog! TRIPLE DIGITS!

Thanks to all those who have followed me:

Blink, Mr Dalek, joetoonz, DanHarma, pater and Vortex! hopefully more people will follow in the coming weeks as I need more coz im gonna star tdoing competitions!
thanks again to all followers!


City of the Daleks - My Review

O.K! Jerkiness and out of sync audio aside (if you still have that problem then check out Life, Doctor Who and Combom) and City of the Daleks was a very strong episode/game.

The Storyline- not too strong. But, I loved playing in Skaro and the art for the exterior of it was superb. I squeled when I saw the emperor Dalek (with a shiny new paint job!) and I thought the whole 1963 stuff was layed out great! The Pace was very good! Not too long on each part, so you don't get bored. And the cutscenes had so much good dialogue that it was impossible to get bored.

Gameplay- One word. FUN!! As soon as I was in control of The Doctor I was excited. You can explore the worlds and collect cards (more on this later) so you don't nessacerily have to do the mission that you are told to do. When the Daaleks were blind and I had to sneak past them witht ray guns going left right and centre I was on the tip of my toes! The only negative about the gameplay - some small repatition with the sneaking past Daleks. (but somwtimes I ran into one on purpose just to beextreminated by one!)

. The mini-games - These also need to be congratulated. They had variety from the normal gameplay of running around, and there wasn't too many mini-games! just the right amount. They were fun, and sometimes quite challenging. A bit of repatition with the maze mini-game. They could have made a few more different mini-games.

Graphics- For a PC game, these graphics were very strong indeed. Sadly, my audio was out of sync and the gameplay laggy, so I had to turn It to low graphic quality. I didn't change te game much, except for a few more pixels here and there. But yeah. About the level of the sims (and you could easily tell who the characters weree, so the producers did a good job designing the characters)

collectables - I loved the collectables idea! The best part of the whole game! It's so great that the producers decided to include this so players can go back and find something new while playing over it again. and when I saw the section 'Jellybabies' in my card collection, I nearly screamed. If you didn't know (and if you don't, shame on you) Jellybabies waere the 4th Doctors favourite sweet. It was great having a link to the classic series through that! But I only found 1 jellybaby card - chocolate (I don't remember where I found it. I also found, 'sisters of the water', 'K9','A Smiler' , 'A Dalek', 'Fith Doctor' and the 'sixth Doctor'.

All in all, a great game that all who fans should download. If you haven't yet dowloaded it, then I suggest you do it now. If the game is laggy, then change the grapics quality! And, you can play as AMY! HORRAYY!


One question though - The Daleks came through a hole in the sky. This is set during series 5. And the hole in the sky looked very much like a crack. A possible hint that the Daleks will be in the finale...
I'll take a screenshot and post it here, so you can decide. Meanwhile, what did you thnk of City of the Daleks?

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

City of the Daleks - Early Release !

Oh My GOD! You can DOWNLOAD city of the daleks THREE DAYS EARLY! mine's downloaing right this second! you can download it here

Vincent and the Doctor - Exclusive Clips

Here are four exclusive clips for ep 10:

I can't find the 4th one on utube... but UK viewers can see it here

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

My Series Episode 6 complete Change

O.K, I have decided to completley change my idea for ep 6 originally called 'Amy and the Murderer' It is now called 'The Woman who Killed People'. Here is my inspiration for this eps storyline - A Mary Poppins Horrr Movie trailer (not real guys)

As a child, I went to the films to see Mary Poppins. It scared me to death. Now this just makes me want to cry. I nearly had nightmares about this. It makes it seem so scary. Which Is why I decided to make this a replacement for episode 6.
A good move guys? Tell me what you think plz

Vincent and the Doctor - New Clip + Review

the 5'o'Clock Show aired a clip from ep 10, alongside a review:

I am getting more and more excited for this ep. 5 star and a 4 star. And that review was hilarious! It also has Noel Clarke (mickey) It's great to see someone from RTD era give his thoughts about series 5. I always wanted to see RTD and David Tennants reaction to the new series!

My Series - New Release Date

After I finished writing ep 1. (which only took me a week and a bit to write) I realised it's hardly going to take foyr months for me to write my scripts. So, I have moved my release date for volume 1 for the 27th June 2010. The day after series 5's Finale.
So yeah. 2 and a bit months earlier.

The Hungry Earth - Official Viewing Figures

The Hungry Earth acheived 6.5 million viewers i total. That's over 2 million more that the overnights! This is great as it means it beat 'the satan pit' which is still The lowest ratings with 6.2 million! It acheived an AL rating of 86! Like usual, considered, excellent!

Is This Rory In The Finale?

This is my own screenshot of what people are saying is Rory as a soldier. To be honest I doubt this is Rory, and on closer inspection, it doesn't really look like him. But, it is very blurry: (click for bigger version)

What do you think?

Vincent and the Doctor - Radio Times review

Here is the Roadio Times review of Vincent and the Doctor:

Doctor Who
6:40 BBC One and BBC HD

Drama of the Week:

They're both passionate visionaries, hopeless romantics, and explorers of starry nights, so it was only a matter of time before The Doctor mwt Vincent Van Gogh.
Thier scenes together are a delight in Richard Curtis's elegant tale as Amy and The Doctor visit 1890 Provence to meet the great painter (played by Tony Curran) and try to track down the bete noire that troubles him.
Currans Scottish brr is an initial surprise, but his casting turns out to be amasterstroke: His performance as the tormented artist gives the story a strong heart and focus.
Despit one inadviseable soft-rock number on the soundtrack, 'Vincent and The Doctor' is a beauty. A Bill Nighy cameo and crisp gags to add to the fun, and the way the familiar scenes - the humble digs, cobbled streets and cornfields - come alive is extremley cute. In paticular, the moment the provencial night sky swirls into Vincent vision is a magical series highlight

This ep looks great. I have always enjoyed the 'famous icon' stories the most. e.g. TUatWW, TSC and T&C! Oh, and does anyone regocnise this Vincent Van Gogh painting at the top, from the Next Time trailer. Van Goghs room also looks exactly like the painting he did of it. I love the attention to detail the producers are putting into the sets!

Series 5 - Hasn't it Flown ?

I think series 5 of Doctor Who has flown by! It seems like yesterday when I was sitting in my living room about to watch ep 1. It wasn't yesterday, it was 10 weeks ago! For me, This series has been Amazing! 3 of my all time favourite episodes are in this series so far (could go up) Flesh and Stone was my favourite epsode ever! Then I saw Amy's Choice - my new number 1. Then on Saturday - I saw Cold Blood. Which, well, if you read my review you'll see! I don't understand the critisicm fans have given this series. RTD wasn't writing Doctor Who after series 1. (although series 3 wasn't very soap-y) He was writing a time travelling version of Eastenders!
Steven Moffat has harked the episodes back to clasic who. The FX haven't been great this series. But, the amazing scripts and acting beyond that of Freema Agymen and Billie Piper made up for it.
Anyway, it has gone really fast. and in four weeks time. There will be no Doctor Who on until Christmas. And then another break till April! But, series 6 is happening! It's not another 4 specials idea (thank god!)

TBH, It doesn't feel anything since Matt Smith was announced. And I was pretty satisfied as I had seen him in Saklly Lockhart! Look how young he looks in the picture!
If anyone knows whern they start shooting series 6, let me know!