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The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang - Clearer Image

The image I posted earlier wasn't very clear so here is a better quality version. Also, it doesn't have the random redish thing bottom left so. It is easier to pick out the aliens (click for bigger version):

I can make out a classic sontaran next to the judoon. A cybermans arm. And, a new who style sontaran just behind the left roman soldiers head. Yep, that is definetly a Hoix! A bit random but... I think these aren't the main threat of the ep. Also, what is that thing like a big door behind the Judoon. Could this be the pandorica. And is it opening

Cold Blood - More Cracks

this one:

and this one:

The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang - Two More Images

Here are two new images from this years finale:

Here there are various monstors shown. The Judoon, The Supreme Dalek and the Hoix!

TBH, I am quite worried as to how this series finale will turn out. writing A big load of monstors returning for one big finale is very easy to go OTT. I just hope The Moff is careful with how far he goes. But, if I was a still my 10 yr old self. I would make up this sort of storyline with the action figures. It's somthing Doctor Who hasn't done before which is a bit of a surprise. As it's what all children dream of as the ultimate Doctor Who threat!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

My Series - Random Notes

O.K so here are a few notes about my upcoming series of scripts:

.These scipts take place directly after the big bang. (unless Rory survives and joins them on thier travels at the end of the series)

. just like all series, 3 two parters.

.each scrpit will hopefully (if you were to film it) be around 20 mins long, (just an estimate, could be alot more, could be alot less)

.There is a story arc, so, watch out for that.

.The First three episodes will all be released on 10th September. Which I will call 'volume 1', Then I will write and promote 'Volume 2' which will contain eps 4, 5, 6 and 7. Like the way the Vanilla DVDs are released.

. These stories are all writen by me.

. If you like these stories, I have ideas for a second series. (that won't be for a long time though)

.Remember, These scripts won't be filmed. So, when you do read them. Don't think about the budget or cost of the episode. The good thing about writing fan fiction is that it probably won't beb filmed so you can go all out on big sets and FX!

Vincent and The Doctor - BBC One Trailer

Here is the TV Trailer for ep 10:

Looks great!

Big Question 8 (Proper One)

O.K, for some reson the big question I posted here is acctually the big question for ep 10. I couldn't find the proper one for ep 9 on utube, but UK viewers can watch it here
Who else loves the chemistry between Karen and Matt. They are so fun to watch!

Cold Blood - Overnight Ratings

Cold Blood acheived 5.7 million viewers, 1 million more than last weeks. It had a lower audience share with 27.5% of the TV's audience watching. Doctoro Who was 3rd Of the night, Below crappy Britains Got Talent, and the Eurovision Song Contest (which didn't stop Doctor Who from airing! YAY!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

My Series Press Release - Valley Of The Deep

When The Doctor and Amy come across the large aquarium planet of Enjongia, they decide to take a break from danger and excitment, and have a look at some intergalactic fish.
But a break isn't just what the two have in store. After mulitple deaths appear in the most important area of the planet , The Valley of Aqodia, containg the endangered, Jokonoch. The Doctor and Amy are thrown under the surface of Aqodia and into the water itself with a dangerous mission. Flashing Lights, Dead Corpses, and Vicious space Jellyfish, The Doctor and Amy won't have a good time under the waters of The Valley Of The Deep.

This adventure will be made available for you to read on the 10th September 2010, alongside ep 2 - Firewater and ep 3 - Nightmares Reign.

Heres a sneak peak of the script, with the first scene of the ep:


A beautiful blue planet, hanging in the sky. It’s Rings slowly drifting around it. Suddenly CAMERA, pans down through the planet. Down and Down and Down, through the planets atmosphere and into...


DOCTOR RATNYAKA, human, is sitting by a large desk. The walls and ceiling surrounding him are made of glass. Behind the glass is the ocean. GIANT JELLYFISH slowly bob around in the water. DOCTOR RATNYAKA looks at some papers.

But that’s impossible... 15 inches of exoglass and they still manage to escape!

CAMERA reveals the paper he is holding to be a newspaper cutting : THIRD DEATH ON ENJONGIA PROMTS JELLYFISH TO GO MISSING.
DOCTOR RATNYAKA puts down the cutting, sighs and stands up. He calls to someone.


VERA! To me, I need you to see this...

From the door, VERA, appears, humanoid, slim, but her body is completely purple..

Doctor Ratnyaka?

She walks over,He looks at her,

Vera, look at these readings...

He hands over various bits of paper, VERA scans the papers and looks up, her eyes wide

Now tell me this whole incident is a hoax.

VERA opens her mouth to speak when suddenly, the lights flash, not out, but brighter.. as if a big lightning strike had filled the room.

Doctor what was that?

DOCTOR RATNYAKA is speechless.

But sir, what it said in all our research. The rumours are true,

DOCTOR RATNYAKA picks up a small tattered book. Another Flash, He quickly skips through the pages, until he finds what he is looking for, CAMERA on the page, some words. DOCTOR RATNYAKA reads them out. A sense of panic in his voice.

When the light’s begin to flash, you know your not alone. When the light’s begin to flash you’d better run. For when the light’s begin to flash, you’ll be dead before you know it.

VERA and DOCTOR RATNYAKA look at eachother in horror, The lights are flashing more frequent the breaks between the flashes, VERA looks towards the wall where a crack is appearing.

Doctor Ratnyaka?

The GIANT JELLYFISH face the crack, as if they are gleeful that the wall is going to smash. VERA and DOCTOR RATNYAKA both stare at the wall...It smashes, VERA screams at the top of her voice as the JELLYFISH come crashing down on her. As water engulfs the room, the JELLYFISH laugh.

Big Question 8

I just love these 2! they are Hilarious!:

Theory of the Week !

This weeks it's from my little 7 yr old girl:

Rory isn't dead and the crack didn't make him non existant.Rory was sucked up into the crack. He will emerge through a crack in ep 12 still alive and will help Amy and Rory to fight againts the Pandorica

I'm not sure about this one. I think my little girl just want's to find any reason for Rory to return as she loved his charcter!

EDIT - she now thinks the same. But (after reading the synopsis for ep 12/13) now thhinks Rory will be thrown out in Roman England a couple of years before the doctor and Amy arrive. He lives his life without Amy and the Doctor and then, suddenly, they appear again!

Cold Blood - Crack In Time

Here is the crack from this ep, no need to put a red ring around it. This crack kindof speaks for itself...:

Vincent and the Doctor - Next Time Trailer

here is the next time trailer for ep 10 of series 5, shown after cold blood:

looks brilliant

Cold Blood - My Review

WOW! Amazing episode, I am speechless (fine, maybe i'm not but)

O.K, this episode was just as good (if not better) than Amy's Choice, which makes it the best ep ever! (and If you think about the dull scripts RTD came up with in the last 4 years, it would be!)
First Things First. The solution to the cliffhanger about Amy and Mo was quite good. Not the best but, still. I love the fact that it was Ambrose who killed Alaya (no more theories on wether she's Amy I'm sure) It is perfect for her charcter, and to be honest I felt her pain, and I realised why she did it!
The whole confrontation via the TV screens was great !

I felt that in this ep, the doctor and Amy had some fantastic one liners! most notably for me ,Amy's line 'No Pressure then' was fantastic, it made me Laugh out loud! and the doctor's line 'never said that before...that's FAB!' I thought was great, It really suits the character, and Matt Smith is really making the character his own. Speaking of the actors, they were all on top form, especially Karen Gillan as Amy. The scene in the TARDIS was absolutly heartbreaking :( (more on that scene later).
I thought the idea of the two species coming together for a chat was genius, and the way the scene was layed out was hilaious. I loved how bored Amy Looked throughout the whole thing. And when the tension rose and Restec realised her sister was dead, my little girl ran out the room out of terror. I was literally on the edge of my seat when they were all running around the city. Toby and Nasreen's goodbye was perfect for the two, however sad and then....we get to the AMAZING last scenes whic were the highlight of the episode and what gave Cold Blood a definate edge overe Amy's Choice....

Just as they were all going in the TARDIS, I was slightly annoyed as my bet with my girl that Rory wouldn't die was obviously not gonna happen. we see a crack.. and whenever theres a crack theres somthing bad following. Before the worst would happen the doctor pulls some 'shrapnel' from the crack. then, the worst happened. Rory was killed by Restec.
I am not joking, I guessed this would happen but I was still shocked. The following scene was so heartbreaking I nearly cried (but I didn't) Karen Gillan really wowed me in that scene, and anyone doubting her acting ability needs to watch that scene! Then...the two forget entirley about Rory (so sad...) The doctors goodbye to Ambrose was very fitting and I loved the doctors small smile at the end. Then...the shrapnel bit. A peice of the TADIS, what could this mean for the season Finale?
All in all a perfect episode, with only one fault, It flew by. I was enjoying it so much that it felt like half an hour. But thats not the BBC's fault. It's mine - for being such an overreactive, energetic Human:)

next week we have Van Gogh, France, Bill Nighy, The Church at Auvers. Can't wait till next week!

My Series Episode 3 - Promo Image

Here is a promo image I made for episode 3 of my series (click for bigger version):

again, the qoute from the episode at the bottom is blurry, it reads 'I'm coming to find you Lily... Coming to find you...'

Don't Go Up the Stairs - Name back to 'The Lodger'

Yup, ep 11 is back to being called The Lodger, It's good news to me, as I prefer 'The Lodger' !
Sorry to all those who were confused, it was Radio Times's mistake. (damn you Radio Times!)

My Series Episode 2 - Promo Image

Here is a new Promo image I have made for ep 2 of my series - Firewater (click for bigger veraion):

Tell me what you think...

Todsy is Cold Blood

Today at 7.00 on BBC One and BBC HD Is Doctor Who ep 9. I will certainly be watching! We wil find out who kills Alaya, why Rory doesn't appear in ep 10 and more importantly, we will see the story arc develop like crazy. So... watch it. and watch it live, don't record it if it's sunny. (luckly for doctor who it's pouring down where I am) So hopefully ratings will be up!

I will have all the usual after the ep, instant review, trailer for ep 10, the crack in this episode! e.c.t e.c.t!

Friday, 28 May 2010

Karen Gillan on The One Show

Karen Gillan appeared on The One Show earlier today:

My series episode 1:Valley of the Deep - Promo Image

Here is a promo image for episode 1 of my series of Doctor Who:

Sorry it's a bit blurred. My first episode will be released to you all on the 10th September 2010... but I will keep you updated on the series untill then.

My Own Series - Episode Synopsis

So, after some feedback from my fan-fic Nightmares Reign, I have decdided to make my own series using the Eleventh Doctor and Amy, It features the return of a classic enemy and the return of a certain planet that appeared in new who cough-planet of the dead-cough! Here are the synopsis of each of the 13 episodes:

1: Valley of the Deep

The Doctor and Amy visit the legendary planet of the Water, where they find a group of citizens, living under the biggest Aquarium in the universe, But things are going wrong... and when the lights begin to flash, you know your not alone. you know you won't last any longer. The Doctor and Amy are hurtled on a mission which takes them into the water. What lurkes at the bottom of the The Valley of Aqodeen? and how much longer untill it strikes the above?

2: Firewater

It's 1666, and The Doctor takes Amy on a trip to old London town. But there, not all is as it seems. As a new day dawns upon London, People are being hypnotised, Bodies are found beneath the Thames, and the mysterious Mr Dakers is playing with fire. Lives are being played with, time is running out. Is this the day the earth is forgotton?

3: Nightmares Reign

It's 2099 on Earth, and the bodies of Children are being found accross the world, not dead, not sleeping, somewhere inbetween. and there are moans at night, calls in the darkness...screaming.
The Doctor and Amy must discover the truth before the world falls to the Nightmare. Who are the Whisperers?

4: Secret of the Dark/ 5: How the Universe Died.

A Planet in a Galaxy Far from ours, where it's everlasting night. That's where Darknrss was born. At The Begining of the Universe, a blue box was found, amidst the cold and the dark. and along with the box came the secret of terror. War's were fought. Sacrifices made. This is the story of the Rise and Fall of the Universe.

6: Amy and the Murderer (doctor-lite)

Present day Earth is the best place for a break. And when Amy Pond is dropped off by the Doctor in the Town where she was born. Evreything is as it should be. But suddenly peices of the town are falling out of time. and put in it's place, a world which isn't ours. Twisited and changed. and when that world is touched, it spreads out infecting the town, People start Changing too. Whoever is behind this needs to be destroyed or the world will cease to exist...but fors Amy, it's a hard thing to o. Her mind is being played with and she's not sure she has te courage to do it.

7: 300,000

On a Far Of Distant planet, the doctor and Amy come across a small alien Family, The Yagross's, and the doctor knows them. The Yagross family are famous, for they dissapeared in the year 300,000. Vanished without a trace, uprising the biggest intergalactic search party in History. But why and how did they vanish? For they didn't go missing. Thy were taken for a reason. And the Doctor and Amy are about to
find out why.

8: The Running of the Ice Warriors/9: The Fractured Universe

A Visit to Mars in the 60th Century the earth is in ist's golden age but from Mars somthing isn't right. somthing is making the ice-warriors run,and adapting the Earth to fit themselves seems to be thier only option, or thier speicies will become extinct. But Humans are going to fight back. The day of Survival arrives. The greatest battlefield in History and only one species will survive. But what is it that the Ice-Warriors are running from?

10: Extinction (Amy-Lite)

San Helios was the most beautiful planet. and the day the planet was devoured and turned to sand, The Oncoming storm tried to help us. He tried to save us from horrifying creatures. But even Time lords make mistakes. Even Time Lords Die evrey now and then, The Doctors game was up. He died with us. and this is how it happened...

11: Timeshift

Somthings got hold of the TARDIS, and a stowaway is onboard. messing with Space and Time. The Doctor's time machine is dying. There's no way out. The Doctor and Amy must track down the stowaway fast or they will have to suffer the consequences.

12: 666/13:Beautiful Disaster

Olympia, the highest point in the Universe. The most important place in all of space and time, where memory man runs reality istelf . But somthing has hijacked Oylmpia,a dark terrible force. And it's changing the course of the universe. As time runs the last survivors of Planet Earth fight for reality. The fate of the Human race has never been more important. But that's not the only thing. Somthing has captured Amy, her soul hidden in the depths of the garden of fatality. are these Amy Pond's Last Days?

Tell me what you think... I am about halfway through ep 1.. i have already written ep 3, but I won't release that untill after ep 2. Do you like my ideas?

Karen Gillan is in the Papparazzi Buisness ?

The Sun posted A quite funny video of Karen Gillan taking photos of Matt Smith whilst pretending to be in the Papparazzi
watch it here:

Terry Prachet still likes Doctor Who (Despite it being rubbish Sci Fi)

Digital Spy has posted an article about how Terry Prachet still likes Doctor Who despit him critisizing it laat month:

Terry Pratchett has described Doctor Who as "gripping".

The author previously revealed that he is a fan of the show but added that it isn't science fiction.

Pratchett has now explained his criticisms of the series in an interview with Sky.

"I keep thinking I ought to dislike Doctor Who," he said. "Because it's made of 'makeitupasyougoalongeum' and he has a screwdriver that can repair marriages, launch boats."

He continued: "I think there was an episode where the Tardis towed planet Earth. What I liked was the teacups were rattling. If the teacups are rattling, how high is the tsunami in the Pacific at this point?"

However, Pratchett explained that he does enjoy watching the programme.

"It's hugely gripping entertainment," he said. "But it's totally pants science fiction. Because there really isn't any science."

An adaptation of Pratchett's novel Going Postal begins on May 30 at 6pm on Sky1.

Steven Moffat Teases the Season Finale

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has revealed details of the final two episodes of the show's current series.

Speaking to Doctor Who Magazine, Moffat explained that the series arc will come to a head in the cliffhanger ending of the twelfth episode 'The Pandorica Opens'.

"It's not just the cliffhanger for Episode 12," he said, "it's like the cliffhanger for every single episode up until that point. This is where the wheels come off. Everything the Doctor is running from lands on his head today,"

Moffat also revealed that he believes his seven-year-old self would be "crying my eyes out by the end of 12. And then again at the end of 13 - but a different kind of crying".

''The Pandorica Opens' is due to air in the UK on June 19, while the final episode of the current fifth series 'The Big Bang' will air on June 26.

hmm... I wonder why we could be crying after ep 13, we know Amy will carry on for another series, we won't cry coz matt is leaving (because he isn't) we could be crying for Rory's Death, But I think that he will die tomorrow evening. Oh, and River Song can't die yet as she dies in the Library. But, I do think it has somthing to do with her killing the best man she'd ever known. We're gonna have to wait and see

Arthur Darvill On BBC Breakfast

Arthur Darvill was a guest on BBC Breakfast today discussing the next episode:

I am even more sure now that Rory will die... tomorrow is the day people!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Hungry Earth - Final Notes

.It was quite a slow pace but (as a first this series) I liked that aspect.

.The Doctor seems to refer to the Silurians more as the homo-reptillia rather than thier real name.

. One word to sum up the prothetics: stunning - when the silurian mask was taken off, I was literally gasping at how great it looked. I agreed with the doctor whehn he said Alaya was Beautiful.

.There wasn't really a crack, except for the one I found, which probably isn't a crack anyway...

Thats it...not much ore I could squeeze from what was, a rather not-very-much-happened episode (but that didn't detract from the episode at all!)

The Pandorica Opens - Spoilery Synopsis

A new, detailed synopsis of ep 12:

A Van Gogh painting is ferried across thousands of years with a disturbing prophecy, to the Doctor in 102ad England, Romans receive a surprise visit from Cleopatra, nearby Stonehenge conceals the Pondorica, a prison box of legend as it slowly unlocks, terrible forces gather in the heavens above, what bearing do growing cracks in time and Amelia Ponds bedroom have on all of this there is just one certainty - silence will fall.

I am glad that the finale isn't in present day earth, like the usual series finale Cliche, (infact there has been no other visits to present day Earth other than the Eleventh Hour - unless of course you include the end of Flesh and Stone - but I dont)
I hope little Amelia returns as rumered.

Vincent and the Doctor - New Synopsis

a newer, more detailed synopsis of ep 10:

During a visit to an art gallery with Amy, the Doctors interest is caught by a painting of the Church At Auvers by Vincent Van Gogh, theres a face in the window of the church, a curious, shadowed creepy face, nasty eyes. The Doctor is worried, he is sure he has seen it somewhere before but how? There is only one thing for it: a trip in the TARDIS back to 1890, so the Doctor can find out from the artist himself.

I think this will be great, my Dad being an artist (incidentally his favourite artist is Van-Gogh) so he is looking forward to this!

Cold Blood - Exclusive Clips

YAY! 4 this time!





IMO, clip 4 is are they supposed to get out of that?! am looking foreward to this more than I was for Amy's Choice!

Cold Blood - Introduction

Here is the introduction to ep 9:

Don't Go Up the Stairs - Synopsis

Yup, episode 11 has a new name! I love it much more than the lodger! here is it's synopsis:

Theres a house on Aickman road, and a staircase that people go up, but never down, as the time-travelling drama continues.

To solve the mystery of the man upstairs, the Doctor faces his greatest challenge yet – he must pass himself off as a perfectly normal human being, and share a flat with Craig Owens.

Looks Great! and it's got James Corden, what more could you want?

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Rory Williams - Will he Die ?

There had been much debate over weather Rory will die in 'Cold Blood',Personally, I think he will die.
When asked if Rory will appear in series 6, Aurthur Darvill replied 'wait and see'
Rory isn't in ep 10 - so he eiter dies or is dropped back at home (and why would he do that?)
Beehive City's recent review - posted below, hints at a major character dying, and the episode is apparently very emotional...

The only piece of evidence which suggests he survives ep 9, is the fact that he is included in a new set of books being released. so what do YOU think

Cold Blood - New Review

The First review of the 9th eppie of series 5 has been released by beehive city:

Doctor Who

Cold Blood

BBC One (&HD) Saturday May 29th, 7pm


“This is the story of our planet earth, and how we came to share it with the race known as humanity … it is the story of The Doctor who helped our races find common ground and the terrible losses he suffered as a result … I’m telling you this story because it must never be forgotten.”

Excited yet?

So where were we before we were so rudely interrupted by another week? Oh yes, Amy is about to be dissected by a homo-reptilian, Mo has already been stitched up, Elliot is somewhere underground, Alaya is hostage with Rory, Tony and Ambrose in a church and The Doctor (along with Nasreen) has just discovered he’s got to be the conciliation broker between two races who both have compelling claims to mother earth … phew.

Evil, or just battling for what's rightly theirs?
If you enjoyed last week (as I did), you will not be disappointed with Cold Blood. You see, these Silurians are just as complex as us humans (they are earthlings after all.) Just as we thought it was a straight battle for the planet, it turns out there is dissension in the reptilian ranks. Not everyone is as full of venom and hate for the “stinking apes” as Alaya and her warrior sister Restac are. In fact, there are elements within the Silurian camp ( including the charming Malokeh) who want to talk … but with civil unrest amongst their people, is there any hope of a lasting peace? Eldane tries to pull rank on Restac, but is it too late? “You are to start a war whilst the rest of us sleep … whilst you slept, they [humanity] evolved … I watched it for myself.”

Interspersed by ‘almost’ executions, venomous (excuse the pun) exchanges and more than its fair share of perilous moments, at one stage The Doctor even gets some people around a table … like grown ups. “The first meeting of the human race and homo-reptillia is now in session … never said that before – that’s fab” He also happens to mention “whatever happens today will change future events, create it’s own time line it’s own reality, the future pivots around you, here, now … so do good for humanity … for earth.” Amy, with her usual ice-breaking wit, says what we’re all thinking … “no pressure then.”

Will Alaya tempt someone to be less than "the best of humanity"?
But just as things look like they’re getting better downstairs, Alaya’s prophecy is coming true upstairs, as someone has slipped up. “I knew it would be you – the one with the most to lose … the weakest …” But could this one mistake cost the lives of all humanity (or at least indirectly – one of the regular cast)?

The episode moves to a frankly nail biting finale in the greatest traditions of the show aided by a motoring soundtrack of Hollywood proportions … but there’s more. This isn’t just about the end of a two parter, it’s much bigger than that …
“Not here, not now … it’s getting wider … some kind of space time cataclysm, an explosion maybe … big enough to put cracks in the universe … but what is it? The Angels laughed at me when I didn’t know what it is, prisoner zero knew, everybody knows except me … but where there’s an explosion there’s shrapnel …”

What will The Doctor discover, could it be a clue as to how this all might end? What is the sacrifice that he will ultimately make, does he even know yet? Can The Doctor deliver on his promise “nobody dies today” or will we really lose a central character forever, right here, right now? Can the Silurians be quelled … and will Amy ever get to Rio in those hot-pants?

Exciting, scary, intriguing, revealing and deeply emotional, this is what Chris Chibnall was born to write, this is what Doctor Who returned to do, and this is one you have to watch.

Quite Franky I am pissing my pants with anticipation, From this review I think this ep could surpass Amy's Choice as the best ep of Doctor Who ever! (call me over-reactive) but I really do think that this ep could be AMAZING!!!

The Hungry Earth - Crack in Time

could this be the crack in the Hungry Earth:

Of Course, I doubt it is, but if the moff says there is one in evrey episode, there is one in evrey episode, i am sure he also said some were harder to find than others.

Do you guys agree, it sort of looks like the crack, but turned sideways.

Please tell me what you think of this!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Theory Of The Week

My own one this week!

in 'The Hungry Earth' Ambrose, the boy's mum, looked similar to Amy. It's likley to be a coincidence but... i'm not so sure. The Doctor saw Amy and Rory waving at them. For all he knew it was Ambrose waving... But how does she not remember the doctor? The cracks should just answer your question. Time cvould be unwritten so Amy never met docto 11! A bit Donna Noble you may say. But don't fret, Karen Gillan will still be companion by this seasons finale! It will probably happen (and this is saying that it will, which it probably won't) just before she leaves - a long time off!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Weekly Poll - Results

The results for this weeks poll are:

The Satan Pit - 1st with 56 %

Doomsday and The Girl In The Fireplace joint 2nd with both 22%

The Next Poll will be the best ep of series 3 - VOTE NOW!

The Hungry Earth - Review

A Really Very good episode today!
O.K so some notes:
The first thing that grabbed me about this ep was in the first ten seconds of it! The Gruffalo qoute (and I'm not sure if it was just me) gave me chills. I think it's such a simple childrens book but they made it much more sinister!
What it up with the Amy and Rory 10 yrs Later thing? It must be part of the story arc for the finale! I liked the fact that, like in the past couple of episodes, the aliens weren't just hell bent on destruction but they had an acctual motive. veThe acting was just as good as ever and I loved the dynamic between Rory and The Doctor when Amy was pulled over.

The Doctors chat with the silurian, (don't remember her name) was brilliant! I loved the emotion Matt Smith brought to the scene. To me, the new design of the silurians doesn't bother me. I'm sure the doctor said in the episode that they looked different because they have been evolving.
Cliffhanger - not the best we've had. I thought it didn't really build up as much excitment as it should have done. So, when we realised the Silurians had a whole world under the crust it didn't have that big impact, which was a shame as it was the episodes only fault! Also, We know Amy survives from the EPIC next time trailer

The Trailer (by the way) is amazing! I hope the trailer mirrors the next episode!

Overall a great episode - not the best this season, but well in the top 5! Roll on Cold Blood!


Friday, 21 May 2010

Sorry - No Posts

I have been doing so much revision, and I will be doing till wednesday next week. I will though, make enough time to post a review of the hungry Earth! Bye!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

TARDIS Panoramic

This panoramic view of the TARDIS is quite amazing! I am sure I'm not the only one who found the shape of the new TARDIS a bit confusing... the old one the whole thing was symetrical and it was obvious to guess the shape. The new one on the other hand is quite hard to figure out the shape. and with all the different styles in each of the walls. so... this is the shape of the new TARDIS!:

Amyway, The picture is just for people who don't have Flash and can't access the panoramic view, you can visit the panoramic view here:

Amy's Choice - Final Notes

.The Dream Lord could still be in the TARDIS... (the docto saw him in his reflection at the end)

.The crack was in the big castle behind the doctor (I know many people have disagreed, but steven moffat said one was in EVERY episode so... thats what I think)

.Did the Dream Lord attempt to seduce Amy?...does this mean that the doctor has a thing for Amy (after all, the dream lord is the doctor)

. This makes the third kiss in a row in three episodes: Flesh and stone, The Vampires Of Venice, and this one!

'We Never get to see the Eknodines full form...just the eyes.

.Is it just me, or did anyone else burst out laughing when the eknodine spoke through Mrs Poggit. Thier voice sounded hilarious!

The Hungry Earth - 2New Reviews ,TV Trailer and New Pictures !

Here is the TV Trailer for eppie 8:

and here is a review for the episode, from Beehive City:

Doctor Who

The Hungry Earth

BBC One & HD, Saturday May 22nd, 6.15pm

Rating: ****

“But who is this creature with terrible claws, with terrible teeth in his terrible jaws …?” It’s always nice to open an episode with a quote from The Gruffalo, but if I was about to work in a lonely drilling station (attempting to drill 21km down into the unknown), I’d probably read something a bit more upbeat before going off for a night shift. In a sub Terror of the Zygons moment, Mo is alone … the ground shakes, and then once more … his heavy industrial equipment is no use to him now, he is lost … but where has he gone … and who’s next?

Enter the Tardis to 2020 South Wales (the press release says 2015, but it says 2020 on screen), “Behold, Rio!” exclaims The Doctor … Amy is not impressed with a dreary Welsh graveyard as she has “dressed for Rio”, which admirers of Karen Gillan’s assets beyond her acting skills will pleased to know means she’s wearing ‘micro-shorts.’ The Doctor unperturbed by Amy’s displeasure, exclaims “Oh look a big mining thing … much better than Rio, Rio doesn’t have a big mining thing …”

It soon becomes apparent that this drill station (established to investigate blue grass growing in the valley) could be the catalyst for the end of human civilisation, as once again our species has meddled with the environment … but this time it (or something that relies upon it) is biting back … hard. “The fire of war is already lit, a massacre is due.”

Rory is unconvinced that there is a dark force beneath, but young Elliot (Mo’s son) knows the score … “Whenever you’ve eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth … the graves around here eat people.”

The Doctor has a clue as to what’s going on: “Bio-programming … clever, you use biosignals to resonate the internal molecular structure of natural objects … mainly used in engineering and construction, mostly jungle planets … but that’s way in the future and not here … what’s it doing here?”

But there is no time to waste, because, “Whatever bio-programmed the earth is on its way up … now!”

Could this beautiful creature really be plotting to bring down all humanity?
An energy barricade, “invisible to the naked eye” (but not HD viewers) surges from the core of the earth (in fantastic licence fee grade CGI) throwing those few left on the surface into darkness … they wait to be attacked … and then the real fear factor begins. Monsters in graveyards, chasing and abducting, maybe even killing … hostages are kept, interrogations take place and whatever temperature your blood (that might be a clue), you’ll be on the edge of your seat.

Is one of our favourite characters lost forever? Who is so hell bent on destroying humanity? What do these aliens want with earth? “They’re not aliens” explains the doctor, “They’re earth…lians.” Whatever could he mean?

Chris Chibnall, the writer, has come up with a gem here. Although it has a slow start, that just adds to the excitement as screw is turned (hard) and the episode unfolds … it’s got classic two-parter written all over it. You can cut the tension with a knife once things go dark, and in testimony to how well produced the show is, even when the lights come back on … you’re still scared. What is so good about this series is the way it keeps developing, evolving and keeping the viewer guessing … The Hungry Earth is no exception … and as your 45 minutes draws to an end … another epic cliff hanger is on the cards.

This is the final battle for humanity, and it won’t be fought with nuclear weapons, fighter jets or heavy artillery … it will take place deep beneath a Welsh village between a bowtie wearing, screwdriver carrying alien … and something that has been waiting hundreds of millions of years to reclaim the face of the earth?

Like all great generals off to war … The Doctor issues a final rallying cry to his ‘troops’:
“While I’m gone, you four people, in this church, in this corner of planet earth, you have to be the best of humanity … You are decent, brilliant people … nobody dies today … understand!?”

Full of bravado, not even a 900-odd-year-old is prepared for what awaits him below…

Next a Review from the Pink Papers magazine:

Prod, dig and poke at someone long enough and they’ll eventually fight back. It turns out that planets respond in much the same way.

It’s the near future in a sleepy Welsh village and Nasreen (Meera Syal) and Tony are on the threshold of making (literally) groundbreaking scientific discoveries. Their mining equipment has dug further underground than ever before but something underneath the ground wasn’t ready to be disturbed and is making its way to the surface to intercept…

Fortunately the Doctor, Amy and Rory have made a slight detour – explaining why Miss Pond is in hotpants in a graveyard – and the Time Lord knows who’s lurking down below only too well.

It's a scary, church under siege, 'classic' Doctor Who story for the viewer but one thing’s for sure – it most definitely isn’t going to end well for the TARDIS crew...

Looks Fantastic, probably won't be as good as the epicly amazing Amy's Choice but then again, that's what I said to Amy's Choice after the Vampires Of Venice!
can't Wait!

Here are some pictures, with thanks to Blogtor Who:(click for bigger versions)

Oh... and these are scans from Doctor Who Adventures, the acctual episode won't have the words 'pointy' and 'what now' in :)

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Doctor Hoo!

Look at This:

Hah Ha Ha! Brilliant!
What do you think?

New Poll

This week's Poll is your favourite series 2 episode!
I have voted for ep 4...just coz I love it!
What about you?

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Weekly Poll - Result

The Empty Child is First with 83% of the votes!
The Parting Of The Ways is 2nd with 17% of the votes!

There was't a third place!!

Amy's Choice - Overnight Ratings

Amy's Choice was watched by 6.2 million last night, exactly the same figures as last weeks episode, butthe audience percent was up with a 33% share of the audience.
And as usual...Britains Got No Talent had thhe hightest ratings with 9.7 million (hey, at least it's below the 10 million mark!, finally, we're getting somewhere!)

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Amy's Choice - The Crack In Time

after much scanning, I have come to the conclusion that this is the crack in this episode, took me forever to realise this. I just hope it's true!

What do you think?

The Hungry Earth - Next Time

Here is the next Time Trailer (shown after Amy's Choice):

YAY! Looks Great!

Amy's Choice - My Review (spoilers are included)


I can honestly say that is (and I know that peeps will disagree) The BEST Doctor Who episode off all time!!!!!!!
I think evreything about it was great!
It had the creepiness of the dream lord
The Mystery of the 2 worlds!
It was sad- Rory's death and Amy's decision
and The SFX were Brilliant compared to last weeeks. I thought the conclusion was very pleasing and the fact that the dream lord was the doctor was a very nice little twist at the end there!
who else felt kinda creeped out when the dream lord was sitting with Amy alone. And when Mrs Poggit fell off the roof!( Is The Doctor Mad? throwing old ladies off roofs)
now onto the Aliens... there wasn't really much time to explain about them other than they came through the crack!
I thought the whole point of Amy and Rory's relationship being tested to the limit was great and the fact that she would always choose Rory, which makes a welcome change to the storyline rather than going down the Mickey, Rose, Doctor triangle (and we all know who Rose would pick!)
And the icy TARDIS looked Great!!
I'm now going to watch it again and see if I can disect any more from it, and I will post again with some more notes!

Amy's Choice - Yet another review!

Here is an EXTREMLEY positive review for Amy's Choice:

This week, we’re literally on the edge of destruction, and in the land of fiction. 'Amy's Choice', at first glance, is one of those episodes where the plot is running on the spot. But it’s certainly not running on empty.

Somebody in the production team clearly is taking note of the comparisons between Matt (Smith) and Pat (Troughton): this is an elegantly creepy and sinister episode. It would be good to start a rumour, here, that the original plan was to film it in black and white. Having said that, the plot is all about shades of gray.

Fans who have complained that Rory and Amy show not nearly enough surprise at The Doctor and his world are somewhat missing the point and should be careful what they wish for: it really would be tiresome in this new era of Who for every new character to ask the questions long-term audience members already know the answers to: What’s that? Where are we? When are we? There’s clearly no need for such exposition-heavy dialogue every time someone new turns up in the TARDIS. Toby Whithouse even managed to have a pop at such moaning fans in last week's 'The Vampires Of Venice': ‘I like the bit when somebody says it’s bigger on the inside – I always look forward to that bit’. Also, we should note that such familiarity with The Doctor has already been written into the script: he is, after all, the imaginary friend of their youth.

Another immutable, unchangeable factor in Doctor Who appears to be the fact that we seem not to be able to cope with a companion that’s not a young female. It’s a shoddy rule, and it’s wrong - and it wasn’t always thus: some of the best companions were male: Ian Chesterson (awkward, correct but courageous) and Jamie McCrimmon (charming, kind, and simply sexy). You get the impression that with imaginative writing, the rules could change, but it certainly seems true that a young man won’t be allowed a long-term residency on the spaceship.

So, this is a rather clever episode. Not in the twisty-turney-timey-wimey elements of the plot - you can’t get through a Steven Moffat-influenced episode of Nu-Who without hitting a few clock-melting bits - but in the way that it sets up the possible departure/staying power of Rory. (It’s telling that, despite him being in full companion mode, Arthur Darvill’s name doesn’t make the title credits). These days, it’s not enough for the boy-companion to simply be a bit wet, and Eccleston’s bullying of Mickey alongside Tennant’s pseudo-jealously of almost anyone else never felt comfortable. So, therefore, we need a bigger and better reason for Amy to choose between her man and her Raggedy Doctor, particularly if, with an advanced pregnancy, she quite literally is bigger on the inside.

We get the fan-boy/DC Comics staple: the all powerful being that presents the main characters with a poisoned chalice, an impossible choice. And none of it is nearly as simple as it seems. Rory here is an excellent companion and the Doctor has genuine affection for him, while there’s (quite deliberately) a few too many scenes when we’re allowed to see the Doctor’s glee at how impossible their situation has become.

A similar episode, in visual style at least, happened way back in the 1960s, when Mr Troughton was on the controls, and the images within the first episode of 'The Mind Robber' - an exploding TARDIS, an entirely white, formless dimension, and a cute girl on top of the TARDIS console - have long passed into fan mythos. This episode has at least an equal amount of iconic images: an ice-drenched TARDIS, silent as three graves, one for each occupant. It’s all a deliciously scary and at times rather upsetting episode: one of the most adult, really, that the series has ever done, but laced with themes that will have real resonance for the youngsters watching. It's The Avengers meets 'Terror Of The Autons', with enough granny-bashing and joy-riding moments to worry the Daily Mail.

‘Your friends never see you again once they’ve grown up’, The Doctor is told when he looks in the reflection of a rear view mirror to see the villain mocking him. And later, he’s attacked by one companion when a major death occurs and he wasn’t able to help: ‘What is the point of you?’.

If you’re the target audience for the show, this could simply be a scary episode with a good few creepy moments and a plot that wilfully doesn’t make sense for much of its running time. If you’re a jaded, cynical and hardened Doctor Who fan, it might be some of the finest minutes in the TARDIS ever. Those of you who were scared that you were going to get an episode of Timelords Behaving Badly should prepare yourself for a shock. And possibly some tears...

If this is right and this ep is AMAZING! Then I will no longer post den of geek reveiws :( TAKE THAT DEN OF GEEK!

After the ep, I will post the usual - the hungrey earth trailer, The Crack for this episode and my review!

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Today is Amy's Choice !

At 6:25 today, Amy's choice will air on BBC1 and BBCHD
Will you be watching? I certainlly will (the ep looks great!)

Amy's Choice - Den Of Geek Spoiler free review!

here is Den Of Geeks spoiler free review:

Series five of Doctor Who finally has a bit of a blip. Here’s our spoiler-free take on Amy’s Choice…

PLEASE NOTE: this is the spoiler-free take on the episode, although this week, we do mention one or two things that have appeared in the ‘next time' trailer from last week, and a little of the story up to the point where the credits roll. We've double-checked and don't think there's anything in here that's spoiler-y, and we've - of course - not talked about the narrative of the episode. But if you want to see the episode 100% cold, we figured we should point out everything we've just mentioned!
On paper, the ingredients for Amy's Choice are impressive. There are the intriguing shots of a pregnant Amy Pond, for starters, and the outline premise that she's not seen the Doctor for years, and is now having a baby with Rory. That's a solid place to start.

Then there's the brilliant Toby Jones drafted in on guest star duties. There's a script by Simon Nye, a predominantly comedy writer with a very healthy pedigree. And there's a trailer that made it look as if Doctor Who is going to mess with our heads for 45 minutes, and give Amy Pond a bit of testing work to do.

Yet, sadly, and you probably saw this conclusion coming, Amy's Choice just doesn't gel together as well as it feels it should, and the end result subsequently amounts to less than the sum of its collected parts.

The basics are fine. The pre-credits sequence sets things up well, as we join Amy and Rory in their idyllic new life, with her nursing her baby bump and a life of happy families on the way, when the Tardis materialises in their swanky back garden. They're living in a quiet village, where nothing much happens and there's no obvious threat in the offing. Which is Doctor Who code for trouble not being too far away.

And so it proves. We're not going into detail here, given that we're in spoiler-free territory, save that to say that the story then splits between two different worlds. The episode is then effectively held together by Toby Jones, who has to explain what's going on. That's as much of the narrative as we'll talk about here, though.

What we'll talk about instead is why things don't quite work as well as we'd hoped. For, in spite of the premise, there never really seems to be a great deal of mystery or deep intrigue about Amy's Choice, and nor did we find its attempts to play with our heads particularly successful.

Simon Nye's script, pretty much stripped of any humour surprisingly (and humour has been one of the major successes of this current run), never really threatens to match the standard of the six that preceded it, and instead the episode potters along in a manner that makes the whole thing less interesting than it should be.

To be clear, it's not bad telly. But while Amy's Choice is a perfectly passable way to while away 45 minutes, given what it tries to do with the development of its characters, it never feels like anything other than a fairly forgettable mid-season episode.

Even Matt Smith's Doctor - and Smith is excellent again - is a bit more muted and less on edge for long periods here. That, in itself, is no bad thing, but at times, it sorely needed the unpredictable, volatile Doctor we've seen in recent weeks to shake things. But it never really happens.

We do get the aforementioned Toby Jones, who's a terrific actor, but he too is limited by what he gets to work with. His role, we felt as the credits rolled, just didn't seem to work as well as it needed to.

There are still, to be fair, some positives here. There are one or two really quite creepy moments generated during the parts of the episode where the special effects budget has been tidied away, and when a bit of cash is splashed, there are some impressive results too. Furthermore, as ever, you can't help thinking that there are one or two underlying elements that have been sown in that'll have some resonance further down the line.

Yet, there's little getting away from the fact that this is the seventh episode in a series where the preceding six have seen the show on rollicking form. Amy's Choice though, while far from a disaster, just feels a little bit ordinary.

hmmm, according to Den-Of-Geek this won't be that good. and I have agreed with ALL of thier reviews so far (except for VotD - which wasn't bad just...slightly boring) so....not sure how this will work out. I am hoping that this review is a bad review and that all the other reviews are right in saying that this ep is a classic

Amy's Choice - New Review

Total Sci Fi has released a new review of Amy's choice, rated 8/10! Am very excited for this ep now!

Doctor Who: Amy’s Choice

TV episode review
UK airdate 15 May 2010 (BBC One)

The Doctor, Amy and Rory must solve a fiendish puzzle set by the enigmatic Dream Lord...

Every so often there comes a story that divides fan opinion right down the middle. In recent times episodes such as Midnight and Love and Monsters have created conflict on internet message boards, and Amy’s Choice is likely to be the latest story to prove divisive.

Ostensibly a small-scale money saver, it could have been a classic or a calamity. The story cuts between a powerless TARDIS and Ledworth five years after Amy has left the Doctor and become pregnant. One of these scenarios is a dream – the Doctor and his friends just have to work out which one…

At its best, Amy’s Choice is a fascinating study of the relationship between the Doctor, Amy and Rory. The three interact in a wholly believable way. Rory’s inferiority to the Doctor and the Time Lord’s natural tendency to show off cause a friction that is only partially abated by unconvincing reassurances from Amy.

The central puzzle is engaging and pleasingly resolved, while the overall tone carries an unusual sensibility. It’s tempting to compare it to a 1960s style of story (there’s a fan-pleasing reference to The Space Museum early on), and in fact it has the curious off-kilter feel of a story from one of the 1960s annuals. There simply hasn’t been another story like this since Doctor Who was reborn in 2005.

Channeling impish Superman villain Mr. Mxyzptlk, Toby Jones plays the Dream Lord as a mischievous, playful nemesis for the Doctor. His costume changes and humorous exchanges are contrasted by the fact he asks some dangerous questions about the Doctor’s psyche. The story also gives a unique view as to how the Time Lord’s mind works, and while writer Simon Nye is traversing dangerous territory, it’s handled with enough thought to provoke consideration rather than out-and-out anger.

Jones’s performance is not played as broadly as it might have been if this had been a couple of seasons earlier. Instead it’s subtler and more carefully layered; it will certainly reward repeated viewings.

Nye’s script packs in some very funny one-liners as you might expect, but the established sense of jeopardy is never used to really crank up the tension effectively. This is a story that would have benefited greatly from a fixed countdown to certain death, like season three’s 42, to really emphasise a sense of urgency.

Disappointingly, halfway through the season, the Moffat era has yet to deliver any truly great new monsters. Whether you love or loathe the Slitheen, they proved a distinctive, instantly recognisable enemy that became one of the defining monsters of the new era. The creatures in Amy’s Choice feel derivative of those seen earlier this season, sharing certain distinctive traits. Whether part of a cost-cutting measure or intentional, it’s noticeable and jarring.

This curious story benefits from another excellent performance from Matt Smith. In the last story to be recorded, he really nails the various nuances of the Doctor’s complex personality with glances and subtle asides, while playing the broader comedic sequences in a way that somehow isn’t embarrassing. It’s his best performance of the series so far.

Oh, and don't be surprised if there's a media storm regarding some very anti-social behavior towards pensioners…


Thursday, 13 May 2010

Amy's Choice - new review

Another review...and all in the four or five stars, cant wait:

Listen to me … trust nothing. From now on trust nothing you see, hear or feel …”

So what is real and what is just a dream?

Amy is pregnant and Rory is a GP … they live in the charmingly creepy and sleepy village of Upper Lebworth which has an unusually ageing population … but they’re happy, or so they think? But can you really be happy if things aren’t real, and how do you know what you see is real … and if more than one ‘reality’ is presented to you, which one is true, and which one is just your imagination … if any?

I’ll leave you to dust down your well thumbed copy of Anarchy, State and Utopia (Nozick) before reviewing Discourse on the Method and Principles of Philosophy (Descartes) … and then maybe re-watch The Matrix … OK let’s begin.

After what felt like a ‘holding’ episode last week, Simon Nye is on writing duties this time and has come up with what’s best described as a ‘thinker.’

They're very old ... and very angry!
Serenity is soon smashed when The Doctor arrives in the village and a collective narcoleptic trance descends upon our protagonists (or is one of them an antagonist?) Pretty soon they are living a twin centred life, one “in a dead time machine” and the other being chased by crazed geriatrics through a chocolate box English village … enter the Dream Lord, a mysterious mini-man who can see your dreams. He takes immediate interest in what Amy thinks of her two male travelling companions: “I’d blush if I had a blood supply or a face of my own” he jibes to her embarrassment.

The Dream Lord (who it seems might know The Doctor from somewhere) presents the gang with a challenge:

“Two world’s … here in the time machine and there in the village that time forgot – one is real, the other’s fake … and just to make it even more interesting, in both worlds you are to face a deadly danger … but only one of the danger’s is real … tweet tweet, time to sleep, or are you waking up?”

Tensions run high in both realities as it looks like The Doctor might have finally lost control … after all it’s Amy’s choice … but what is she choosing between … and can she live (or die) with the consequences of her decisions?

A generous helping of whining Lost-esque orchestras in the soundtrack turn the screw as monsters reveal themselves, and all that damned Dream Lord can do is stand around and wind people up. Desperate to make it personal, he taunts Amy (who may or may not be hyper-hormonal, depending on whether her pregnancy is a reality):

Can dreams really come true?
“Which one of these men would you really choose? Look at them … you ran away with a handsome hero – would you really give him up for a bumbling country doctor who thinks the only thing he needs to be interesting is a ponytail. Pick a world … it’s you they’re waiting for … Amy’s men, Amy’s choice …”

Is this really Amy’s choice? Why is the Dream Lord so interested in her, and who is he, have we met him before? Can you die in reality and survive in a dream? Does anyone really trust The Doctor? These are just some of the questions that need answering as this well crafted piece of television unfolds.

This week’s episode does not scare you behind the sofa, but that is not to say it doesn’t have sinister undertones. It is more a psychological thriller than work of horror, but in true Doctor Who style it is layered with good jokes, wonderful pathos and characters that you care about. In short it is yet another return to form for the series five team.

Here’s one last thinker for you guys to ponder this week … when the chips are down, Amy says to The Doctor:
“What is the point of you?” … Hmm?

Amy's Choice - More Images

here are various new images from saturdays episode ! This is looking to be FAB!

click for bigger version :)

Cold Blood - Synopsis

here is the synopsis for episode 9, the second of the silurian 2 parter:

It is the most important day in the history of Earth: the dawn of a new age of harmony or the start of its final war.

In the latest episode of the time-travelling drama, written by Chris Chibnall, The Doctor must face his most difficult challenge yet. It is a battle in which he cannot take sides and a day when nobody must die...

tis looking extremley amazing... as the siluriand being my favourite creature from the classic series (and there are alot of monstors from there) I could almost say I am looking foreward to this more than I am for ep 7. (which looks bloody brilliant!)

Oops ! My Mistake

oops! Recently I posted that ep 11 was called reality check, episode 12 the panddorica opens and ep 13 enemies of a Time Lord. These arene't true... that we know of.

Episode 11 has been confirmed to be called the lodger by the BBC. so it's quite likley that ep 12 WONT be called the pandorica opens. Neither will ep 13 be called enemies of a time lord!

Sorry for the confusion!

Amy's Choice - Exclusive Clips

Here are 3 exclusive clips for ep 7, Amy's choice:




Yay, looks Superb indeeed

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New Look

I know that mmy blog is new and all, but... im still experimenting with new looks. so don't be alarmed if the design changes evreynow and then.
Oh, and I have changed the banner! Slightly.... hope you like...

Lack of Posts

I have exams coming up in the next week and a bit and so I won't be updating as frequently... I hope that I will still have time to post but I might not be able to. Just so you know! :)

Monday, 10 May 2010

My New Fan-Fiction.

So I have started writing a script of my own for Doctor Who. I call it Nightmares Reign (working title) and here is a sneak peak:

It's 2099 on Earth, and the bodies of Children are being found accross the world, not dead, not sleeping, somewhere inbetween. and there are moans at night, calls in the darkness...screaming.
The Doctor and Amy must discover the truth before the world falls to the Nightmare. Who are the Whisperers?

and heres a preview of the script:

The Doctor: They’re Whisperers. A race of space puppets who, every night, takes your children. It takes their souls, feeding on it. Leaving only an imprint of the last thing the child thought inside there heads. And do you know what that was?

Leah: No?

The Doctor : It was fear. The Everlasting Nightmare of a child , ongoing, always happening inside the minds of these children. Who are being tortured. That explains the moans at night.

Amy: What?

The Doctor: Everynight. That sound. The weeping, the screaming. That wasn’t the thing taking your child, that was Lily herself... calling out for help from the Nightmare.

I hope you guys like the idea!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Doctor Scaling Tall Buildings - Has It Become a Cliche?

This was the only thing I was annoyed about in ep 6. Not that it decreased my enjoyment of the episode (which is now my favourite of this series) but it is a bit frustrating... how many times have we already seen this happen? It seems to me that climbing tall buildings is the easy was out for the writers who are stuck with a 'seemingly-impossible-to-get-out-of' situation. just stick a tall building in there with some sort of device that was made to stop the whole crisis.


The Idiots Lanter:

Tall Building= trannsmittor

Device that will stop crisis= transmittor (turn it off and the crisis will stop.

the terrible Dalek two parter in series 3 (whos name i can't remember):

Tall building= the Empire State Building.

Device= Dalekanium (take it off so the people can't become half Dalek)

Vampires Of Venice:

Tall Building= The Cavierri School

Device= turny dial thingy, (turn it off and the rain will stop)

Don't get me wrong, this didn't stop me enjoying the amazing episode, just PLZ Doctor Who, no more tall buildings with device at the top, imho, it is getting a bit cliche in Doctor Who...

Amy's Choice - The Sunday Times Brief Review

So, Amy's Choice is pick of the day next week in The Sunday Times opinion, here is their VERY brief review:

Pick Of The Day

Doctor Who (BBC1, 6.25 PM)

A week is a long time in politics, it is also an eternity in Saturday-evening drama. Seven days ago, Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) was whisked off to Venice with her fiance, now - though looking not a day older despite five years having passed since her last adventure with the Doctor (Matt Smith) - she is preparing to give birth. If you could bottle essence of Tardis and sell it as a rejuvenating cream, you would be minted.
The Passing of time is also marked by both the English and Scottish cup Finals ( on ITV1 and Sky Sports 1 respectively, kickoffs as 3pm), which marks the end of football season, ay least untill the World Cup, in 27 days' time.
Made In China - Copy Artists (Sky Arts 1, 7pm) explores how easy it is to pick up an old master in the Far East. Anybody want a Picasso for £20, a Mona Lisa for a little more? Or a Di Vinci ( In which the Saviour hasn't quite come out right) for a bargain? Well, I know a man who knows a man who has a shed full of them.

David Hutcheon

So... not much on Doctor Who but it's very nice knowing that it's pick of the day, with only three other episodes getting that privalige, The Fires Of Pompeii, Silence in the Library and The Eleventh Hour.
Doctor Who is getting better as we go along!

Deside Your Destiny Books - Two returning Aliens

hmmm this picture is interesting:

Episodes 11 12 & 12 - Episode Names

Yay! The Episode names for episode 11 12 & 12 have been released:

11 = Reality Check

12 = The Pandorica Opens

13 = Enemies of a Time Lord

note the plural of enemy - more than one baddie for the finale me thinks !

Oh, and the picture is of Timmy from The Beast Below! I couldn't think of anything else so...

The Vampires of Venice - Crack(s)

So... two cracks in yesterdays episode:

This One

and this one

or...I know various websites think that the keyhole itself was the crack, but, (even though the crack pointed out isn't the right shape) I think the small crack is the crack worth noting - remember what Rossana said. 'some were tiny' hmmm...

The Vampires Of Venice - Overnight Ratings

The Vampires Of Venice recieved 6.2 million viewers, down on all the figures this series :( oh and guess who got the highest ratings for the day?
Lousy Britains Got Talent :( :( :( :(!

Honestly people, Doctor Who should get better ratings. and the BBC, keep Doctor Who at a later timeslot.