Friday, 22 October 2010

Death of the Doctor - Trailers

Here are the trailers for episode five (I would usually call it episode three - I consider two parts to be one episode)of the sarah jane adventures:

I am pretty excited for this episode. One, Russell T Davies is writing, and it will be nice to see him writing for this epidsode!

Also, Matt Smith is in it! YAY!

But, the Shansheeth look so fake, in the way they move and in the way they look, anyone agree?

I just hope its my eyesight and not what they acctually look like

My Review - The Vault of Secrets Part 1 and 2

YAY! this is the sarah jane adventures I was missing. Not to say that I didn't like the nightmare man. (on the contary, TNMP1 was my fav episode ever!) but That episode didn't feel like the sarah jane adventures. I loved the romp-y-ness about the episodes. And with the vault of secrets part 1, we finally get the tone just right. First, we have humour. I felt that last weeks episodes didn't have a) enough humour and b) good humour. It was all too dark and scary.

Also, we has Gita! Gita has always been my favourite character. Plainly because she reminds me of my mum, and she's funny. I love how she potters about being friendly and panics alot. (and she owns a flower shop with the BEST name in all of creation!)

First the things I liked:

The Men in Black- I found them to be extremley intriguing in 'Dreamland' and I thought having them in live action looked ten times better than normal.

BURPS- I dont know how it's acctually spelt, but I loved the idea and I really hope this orginization will be back for the finale...

Clyde and Rani- I loved how thier relationship develops in this episode, a definate sign of a possible romance. I think having luke not there helped, as they probably felt embarresd to show thier feelings with himn around

Gita- Well, I've already talked about her above!

No Luke- Right, People are going to disagree with me, but I am so glad Lukes gone!
I have always disliked him. His character is always boring and his lines to 'robotic' I know it's meant to be like that but It has always annoyed me. I much prefer the Rani and Clyde, who seem to get more emotion in thier lines. Not criticising Tommy Knight, just the scriptwriters dialouge. With him out of the picture, we can shift a focus to the B storyline of Rani and Clydes relationship

Things I didn't like

Androvax- GAAHHHH! Why does The Sarah Jane Adventures bring back every alien they invent. I think also that Kudlak will be back at somepoint this series. First the Slitheen last week and now the androvax. I sincerely hope the won't bring back the trickster, but I'm betting that they will, what with an episode title called 'Goodbye Sarah-Jane' Anything with the word 'Sarah Jane' or 'The ******** of sarah jane' means a trickster episode! Although I did feel some symathy for Andorvax which I liked. The fact that the writers gave him some development as a character means they didn't just bring him back because he was popular (like witht he slitheen, graske, and the trickster) but because they had a story to tell!

The Vault- I'm sorry, but the effects used when the vault was opened was terrible. The spaceships looked fake and especially when Androvax escaped.

Gita Forgetting- This was perhaps the most annoying thing about these episodes. Gita Chandra forgetting the aliens. Whoever made that happen is officially annoying. I would have loved to see Gita in another epidoe going on an adventure with her daughter and Clyde. I loved seeing them pottering about the asylumn.

Music- This is minor, but there is a peice of music that makes me cringe that is played afer every gag and 'funny scene' in the episode. It happens when clyde says 'hasta la vista' after making the men in black shoot eachother, and also in the nightmare man when the slitheen blows up. It's so cheesy and makes me cringe with embarrasment, thinking 'how can the actors not crigne after watching that clip. They look embarrasing with the dialouge put to that music' it's cliche. Can anyone also remember the music. Tell me if you found it annoying or not.

Overall a great episode, 8/10

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

My Review - The Nightmare Man Part 2

Hmmmm. This was an intriguing conclusion. To Be Honest not the least bit as sinister and as exciting as part one. But it was still satisfying when you realise that nothing could live up to a great SJA story like The Nightmare Man Part 1.

It had all the right ingredients for a perfect ending but there was something missing.

Anyway, we start with The Nightmare Man invading Clyde and Ranis dreams. And Sarah-Jane finds Lukes video tape.
The dream sequences were by far the best bit about this episode. Rani's paticularly. I loved how the dreams sort of reflect how you'd imagine thier futures to be. Clyde (what with all his mucking about) would fit in in a deada end job in a fast food restaraunt and you can also imagine Rani being successful as a journalist. And old Sarah-Jane needs her own TV Show! I'd watch it all day! Elizabeth Sladen gave so much into her 'old person' she was so funny.

The bit outside of the dreams I found a bit dull. AND Lukes dream was slightly boring too.
When the dues ex machina ending began I was cringing at how cheesy it was. How does thinking about a door create a passageto Luke,and the way that they all managed to have the same dream in the end was wierd.

I liked the end, with K9 and Luke driving off, but I would prefer it if thte car wasn't yellow!

Overall, a good episode, no where near as good as part 1 but, that goes without saying.


Forgot to Mention!

Hey guys! on Saturday I forgot to mention I was going on holiday to see my parents (who live in France) so thats why I couldn't update! Anyways, there should be a surge of updates coming up soon (the nightmare man p2 review, e.c.t)

sorry again!

Thursday, 14 October 2010


Hey guys! My family crisis is solved! Basiclally, my daughter ran away after a spite between her and I. It turned out she was hiding in our Neighbors garden, so, posting back to normal!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Hi guys. I am sorry to say that I have had a huge family crisis and am left unable to update this site. I really don't want to go into it, but lets just say that I am really upset and I really don't feel like updating. As the circumstances are slightly confusing. I am unaware if they will be sorted out, either by tomorrow, or even ever!

So, plz don't give me sympathy, I just need my privacy untill furthur noted. So until furtur notice - goodbye

Monday, 11 October 2010

The Nightmare Man 2 - Trailer

Here is the trailer for the second part of the Nightmare Man (I will call it The Nightmare Man 2):

Looks FAB! (And hopefully not as scary!) the dream seuences look great!

The Nightmare Man - My Review

WOW! I don't know where to begin. (how about the begining)

We start with the usual, "This is where Sarah Jane lives" Blah blah, giving clips and snippets from forthcoming episodes, I think this was introduced in series 3. But I REALLY hate it, it's boring and they're advertising for a show, that people are watching already. But onto the actual episode...

The start was TERRIFYING! I know that it's a kids programme, but my fear of clowns took over me thoughts at this point. The Nightmare man is like a killer clown, but ten times more chilling! That laugh made me shiver.Huge acting praise to Julian Bleach though, who played the role perfectly.

We then get off to a sort of 'heres how it began' type story. The Slitheen section was poor, it had bad humour and it was WAAYY too cliche. I hate the Slitheen and I feel as if the writer sneaked that in there just to keep the coninuity of having Slitheen in every series alive. And, is it just me, or do the slitheen get greener each time I see thenm (unless they aren't slitheen and they are just praxeen, or blottleeen or something along the lines of). They could have got a more subtle, emotional way of Luke telling Sarah-Jane about Oxford.

Then we get the Clyde issue, with Clyde not talking to Luke. This was a great thing about the episode. I could relate to how Clyde felt, as this happened to me when I was his age, I felt angry and upset. And both those emotions came through!

The Nightmares.... I can't sum up the way I felt about those sequences. I thought they were amazing, but I also felt more scared than I have ever been when watching a flim. (over-reacting?) but I haven't seen many clown filns (god forbid) and not many Doctor Who episodes scare me, (perhaps, Blink, Empty Child and Flesh and Stone) Day of the clown scared me, but that was mainly set in the day time! In the first dream, luke hears Sarah-Jane talking about her conversation with him in his new car (which was another great scene) When the frail, white, hand of Julian Bleach reached out for Luke, I was honestly blocking my eyes from the screen

Anyway, Inbetween that there are sweet little day to day snippets of Lukes life before getting ready for university. I liked the whole party thing.Not loved it, as I was wondering whether Clyde had it in from the start, if so, I didn't love it, but if Rani told him to do it, I loved it. As a scene it was good in terms of showing how far the show has come, the love reference paticulary, and I can really see a relationship developing between Clyde and Rani, so I appreciated that line. Lukes nightmare was equally as good. We finally see the Nightmare mans face, which is kind of creepy. And put that with a chilling voice and we've got a villian that would have been easily put in Doctor Who.

I know I have left a nightmare or two out, but I don't really want to talk about them two much, but I did love the nightmare where the nightmare mans intentions were revealed. I loved Sarah-Jane and the gang buring Lukes stuff, cheesy and predictable, but fun.

I am SO happy they got in a Maria reference, even if I prefer Rani. I was wondering if she was going to be informed.

The cliffhanger, a bit iffy for me, They ended it at an abvious point and It would have been better with the Nightmare man walking around turning the world into a nightmare and THEN cue the cliffhanger.

Ovevrall, a great starter to what will hopefully be a great series. By A mile the best first episode out of all the four series, plus Invasion of the Bane (the thing that put me off was the chavy girl - whoever came up with that awfully annoying character should be sacked!)

One point though, the threat seems alot like one of my fan fic stories, ep 3. When that is realeased, (in a lllloooonnnnngggg time!) I want to let you guys know that I thought of the idea and it's got nothing to do with the Nightmare Man!


The Nightmare Man Airs Today

Well, it has aired already, but I'm about to watch it. (the tension is killing me!) I hope it lives up to my expectations and that it doesn't scare me to death (Julian Bleack always scares me!) but my review will be up soon, as will my daughters!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Sarah Jane Adventures = More Updates from me!

Starting from now, I will also be updating on sarah jane adventures news! YAY!

This includes things such as:



My own quiz that I will give to you after each ep!

Now I will be back to my usual constant posting, what with a tv show airing! SO expect posting to be greater, (like it was while doctor who was airing- 3-5 posts a day!)

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Design a Doctor!

Hi! To all those budding artists out there! or just plain Doctor Who fans.
I am launching a new competition, called Design a Doctor!

Basically, your job is to design a doctor, (obvious much) But that means everything. Costume, personality. Even what actor would play the character.
You can draw up an image, or, just write a description. (But I would LOVE it if you could do a picture to go with description)
Although this competition is pretty open, there are a few rules.

1- Please NO female doctors. I am sorry, but In my opinion, a female doctor is like a female james bond. It wouldn't work.

2- If you are doing an image, either create it on paint and save it as an image, which you can then post a link to me in the comments section. Or, if you would prefer, create it on Photoshop (if available), GIMP or word. And then copy the image onto paint to save as an image. Basically, it has to come out as a JPEG file!

3- The doctor has to be in human form.

4- Although you can choose any clothing combination, no 'revealing' outfits please

5- You can pick which incarnation it will be, (13, 14th) but it has to be past the twelth incarnation.

now onto the PRIZE!!!!!!

If I get enough entries (I pray to god I get more than two!!!!) then I will judge, two or less and I will have to close down the contest, and the winner will have thier doctor featured in the series FINALE of my series. The part will be a key role, (and I hope you all want to read it - even though I STILL havent released ep 2- If I don't get entries, then I can't write the finale)

PLease Enter, Just please spend half an hour of your time or so, doing this. I'm not talking much.

Thank you, I will decide when to close the competition, after I have enough entries!