Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Curse of the Back Spot - My Review

Right... so, lets just say this will hopefully be the Victory of the Daleks of Series 6. I didn't like it much. I mean, I wanted to like it. But it just wasn't for me.

Lets start off with the beginning. It was awesome. I loved the beginning (despite me being a bit of a hater when it comes to pirate-y things) it was chilling, and made me actually pretty excited for what was to follow. What followed wasn't very good (in my opinion) We got cliches. WAY too many cliches. The plank. The Pirates Laughing, don't get me started on the cringworthy sword fight scene. I did however, like the first Siren sighting scene. Lily Cole looking pretty sinister (and rather beautiful) I found myself loving Rory's dialogue,and I loved how the victims just suddenly dissapear in a whisp of smoke. More positives in the story. Eye Patch Lady, and The whole post Rory's death TARDIS scene. other than that, I found everything else really bland.

Doctor Who has done hospitals before. It's also done enemies turning out to be good guys before. This whole Siren in a hospital plot line was stupid. I would have much prefered the ship to be the setting for the whole episode. And for the Siren to acctually be evil. If she owned a hospital, how come the men with tiny cuts on their hands had to goo to the hospital rather unrealistic. Also, why didn't the doc, Amy and Captain Avery end up in a hospital bed?

Captain Avery was an awful character as well. Acted nothing like a pirate. And hardly batted an eyelid when he realised his son was a stowaway on board the ship.I am sorry if this review sounds incredibly negative. There were some genuinely good moments. My favourite scene of the whole episode (and possibly even in my top ten of all time) was the scene in which Avery and The Doctor are in the TARDIS. Hilarious! Anyway, we were reminded yet again that Amy loves Rory, in a failed attempt to add last minute suspense by 'Killing of Rory'. Karen acted beautifully as well as matt smith, but Rory really is becoming the 'Kenny' of Doctor Who. Also, Space-Pirates, SO CRINGWORTHY I NEARLY DIED. Oh well, lets hope we never see them again

Overall, a really disappointing episode, after the frantically paced and amazing series opener. Having said that, we did get some tantalising hints about the pregnancy, and another peek at the eye patch lady. And the next time trailer looks EPIC!!! I love Neil Gaiman and anything he writes is genius, so next week can't come soon enough!


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