Tuesday, 17 May 2011

SFX 20 Teasers about 'The Rebel Flesh'

So, SFX has 20 teasers released about 'The Rebel Flesh' (don't worry, they aren't spoiler-y!)

1 It’s this season’s most trad-Who episode so far, but whereas last year’s “trad” story (the Silurian two-parter) was Pertwee era, this is straight out of the Troughton years. Appropriately Matt Smith is at his most Troughton-esque.

2 It also evokes memories of “The Impossible Planet”. There’s a lot of exposition to start with, but it soon becomes very pacy claustrophobic, creepy and full of powerful, well-written character moments for the guest stars and striking images.

3 The pre-titles teaser is frankly disturbing

4 Accident Direct could have to rethink their policies in this world

5 Rory fails to score a double

6 There’s lots and lots of shaky acting (term © Surrane Jones )

7 There’s a surprising selection of pop songs

8 The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver when simply reading would suffice

9 The Doctor reveals he’s a fan of someone

10 The Doctor pretends to be a weatherman

11 The Doctor has a great Derren Brown moment

12 Random words: “Poncy”, “cockerel”, “welly-boots”, “football”

13 The Doctor loses two of something

14 The Doctor says something again we’ve never heard him say before

15 Beware the oncoming storm

16 Someone builds a castle

17 There’s a moment straight out of The Thing, and another one straight out of Death Becomes Her

18 Someone’s first words are a big clue

19 Rory puts his foot down

2o The Doctor clearly isn’t from the North any more!

It looks like I was right about getting a 'Hungry Earth' vibe from the trailers! And I have read good reviews so I am hoping to be very impressed come Saturday!

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