Monday, 2 May 2011

Day of the Moon - My Review

Sorry for it being late, am just doing so many things, so I have only just managed to watch it :(.

Wow! Seriously, I think that may have been one of the single best episodes of Doctor Who, ever! After watching The Impossible Astronaut twice, I kind of felt a bit underwhelmed, as if I was expecting more from it. It didn't click with me as much as I had hoped, but, with that in mind, I can honestly say mind was officially blown by that episode!

We start of with a pretty epic (not to mention long) pre-titles sequence. I loved it, and I like the idea of not starting with the resolution to a cliffhanger, like we see in so many an episode. Some great use of the location pieces and some great acting from Karen, Arthur and Alex. I have to say, seeing River fall out of buildings is becoming a thing with Moffat (The Time of Angels) but I still loved it. So, we see a bearded doctor in a prison, and suddenly canton is evil. It turns out the whole thing was a plan to get the team together. (By the Way, I thought the doctors perfect prison was undeniably cool!) This is followed by an epic gag involving River and a certain Swimming Pool. We see a silence in the TARDIS and the doctor puts these radio recorders in their hands. This was a great idea, and I loved the importance of them, during both the scene in the TARDIS and the orphanage.

The orphanage, this was the reason I loved this episode so much. Moffat is a genius, his creations are genuinely frighting, and I feel they are always linked with children. Perhaps like Moffat, I feel as though there is something about children that is slightly creepy. The fact that they should be innocent and sweet, but (like in the empty child) in moffats episodes, they always aren't. The sense of foreboding was extremely hard to miss, and the whole scenes in the orphanage were complete and utter genius. From the demented, and sinister Manager, to the silence hanging from the ceiling. The idea of the tally marks were awesome, and I felt kind of disgusted (in a good way) that the characters had to resort to drawing on their forehead. And yet again. I have nothing but praise for Karen Gillan who I feel is by far the most improved cast member this series so far.

The Woman with the eye patch. This has me clueless, and that doesn't happen usually.When she says "No I think she's just dreaming." Who is she talking to? and who is she talking about? Amy? the Girl? I have a feeling we will see her again pretty soon. (side point - is this perhaps linked with Amy's Choice last series?)

I think the Doctor breaking into Apollo 11 was so the doctor. And the scene in the lecture theatre had me laughing so many times. The President, River and most of all Rory, who I am starting to like so much more than last series!

Meanwhile, Amy finds a photo of herself and a baby in the room of the little girl in the spacesuit. Obviously this will get fans thinking that the girl is Amy's baby. I honestly think it is so much more complicated than that. Then, we get some resolution from the cliffhanger. And then Amy gets kidnapped, and Canton shoots a Silence.

Now, onto my literally only quibble with the episode, and despite it being a pretty huge factor, It really hardly dampened my enjoyment of the episode at all. The resolution to the silence (with the video of the silence saying "You will kill us all on sight) was, not gonna lie, lame. I get the feeling it was thought up by Moffat when he realised he couldn't figure out a really good,clever way to kill the silence. But don't worry, I am nearly 99.9% certain that the silence will be back for the series finale.
I am starting to seriously love River Song. Not only is she mysterious, she is genuinely cool, and I really loved Alex Kingston's acting when she realised with had kissed the doctor for the last time.

The ending. THE ENDING. I was speechless for about half an hour after I saw it. I knew the end was apparently a 'life-changer' but wow, I was seriously not expecting that! She flipping regenerated. Who is she? If she is Amy's child, I am pretty sure Amy isn't pregnant with The Doctors baby, I would suspect it has something to do with whatever the silence did to her in the two days they had her locked up in a coma. Anyway, easily in my top 5 episodes of all time (If the series carries on like this I may need to update my top 20 list!)


Next week we have what looks like a more toned down romp on a pirate ship. Despite it looking slightly comic, it also seems rather creepy, as I remember being terrified by 'The Black Spot' when I was little!


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